Monday, Day 8: Drywall, Painting at Audubon Society, Mission work

DSC_1096Our first work group of 5 students went to work on construction at blue house today. Some of these students learned how to mud drywall, while others continued to hang more in another room. It is exciting to see the progress that is being made. Our second work group headed to the Pascagoula Audubon Society’s new construction site to paint a former boy scout cabin that they are going to use as a bird watching station.

~ Mrs. Hanrahan and Mr. Drossel

Drywall at the Blue House Update

DSC_1072We kept working on our blue house construction today. Even though we worked on the same thing, I learned different things other than cutting boards and measuring. The most new experience for us today is learning how to mud the drywall. Since there were always small mistakes and broken posts on the drywall, we have to learn how to mud so that when we put the real walls on it would look flat.

At first, mudding seems very easy for me because these are only two movements I need to in the process: putting mud on wall and cleaning the mud that is too much for one place. However mudding is much harder than what I thought it was. I need to find the right angle and the correct strength to make sure the mud covered the screw while I DSC_1179cleaned the part that I do not need. After practicing for more than one hundred times, I finally got the real tips of mudding and I could continue to work.

We are working really effectively up to now since we almost finished two rooms. I do believe we can finish the entire house before leaving.

~ Guorui (Bob) X.

Painting at the Audubon Center

DSC_1334Today’s adventures sent us to a town near Ocean Springs. We went to one of the Audubon Society’s locations, where they are building an office building and a bird watching center. We did not get a tour today of the office building because today was a dangerous day for construction, but we were promised a tour for tomorrow.

We headed behind the big building to the small cabin-like building where we started our job of painting. We laid out plastic sheets so that we would not get paint on the floor of the porch. Then, we were handed two paint buckets (both Audubon green) and began our work. Vallee instructed us on the cleanest and most efficient ways to paint. We ended up painting for more than two hours straight with no breaks. We managed to do a large percentage of all the work that needed to be done. It was a very satisfying day; we felt like we really accomplished something. I look forward to similar work tomorrow.

~ Sara S.