Tuesday, Day 9: Drywall, Painting

DSC09065Basically the same plan as yesterday. We had two groups: one to the blue house to work on hanging more drywall and mudding, and the other to the Audubon society to finish the paint job we were assigned. The work was productive and satisfying. A local news station, WXXV Fox/NBC News 25 came to interview the students about their work at the Land Trust blue house mid-day, very exciting (link to story here). During the afternoon free time, students went either fishing or played basketball.

~ Mrs. Hanrahan and Mr. Drossel

Drywall at the Blue House Update

DSC_1167We woke up early to prepare for an interview with a local television news station at 11:30. I hated the breakfast today, but Mr. Drossel brought us doughnuts. I worked in the blue house today. My first job was to sand the wall with Martin. There were ashes all over my clothes again. The laundry day is after Wednesday. How should I wear dirty clothes until the end of this week?

Then, the interviewer came. I was the last one to be interviewed. I didn’t prepare ahead of time, but she didn’t ask anything strange. Sara and Bolin didn’t bring their lunches with them. I felt bad for Sara. The rest of us were speaking Chinese and she was excluded from the conversation. I should find some topic to talk with Sara, but I just couldn’t. Martin, Bolin and I talked about college during the lunch break. I hope that Bolin can go to the school he dreams of.

After lunch, I helped Mike and Sara to put the mud on the sheetrock. The feeling of standing on the table above ground made me sick. But, I did kinda okay. Today I felt like knowing Bolin better.

DSC09089After work, Mike, Martin, Bob, Jason, Johnny and I played a 3-on-3-basketball game. It’s Bob’s first time playing basketball and he did a great job defending me. Jason’s basketball skill amazed me. Martin’s eagerness to go to a good college also amazed me. I’m getting to know them better and better.

~ Yingqi (Ingrid) Z.

Painting at Audubon Center

DSC_1334We changed to a totally different job today. Instead of working in the same blue house, I went to another great place to work on painting. At first I did not want to go to do painting since all my friends were working
at the blue house and I wanted to finish our job. However, after, when got to the place we worked, I found out that painting could also be challenging and interesting. It is also a great job to work and a great experience to learn. I really thought that I would learn the entire procedure of building houses so that I could build a new house later in my life.

During the painting, I need to stand up on the ladder to paint. The first layer is white paint, which is to protect the walls (primer). The second one is the real colorful one to me. It might seem that painting does not take too much effort, but it really is hard work: we worked in the morning to 3:30pm. I was so tired that I fell asleep while coming back.

When we came back, we played basketball; it really took the last piece of strength in my body. I am so tired!

~ Guorui (Bob) X.

Drywall Update and Afternoon Activity: Fishing

DSC09060Guess what? There was a television interview for us today, so we got up earlier than before to prepare everything for the interview. To be honest, I have never been on a TV before. Although I don’t know the reason they want to interview us, I still feel excited about it.

After eating eggs and cereal for breakfast, we split into two groups: one group went to the Audubon society to paint and the other group went back to the house to work. I am in the group that works at the house on the drywall. Today, we had to sand the pieces of drywall that we mudded yesterday. Then, we put a “coat” on it again for the next mudding and sanding. The purpose of sanding is to make the wall smooth and look nice. I have to say that mudding is a really terrible job because it is really easy to get the mud on your fingers and it is not easy to cover the corners on the wall. It was a big pain, but I really enjoy the feeling of getting busy. It is my first time to realize that it is really hard to get a job: 9 hours of hard work would only provide a low-paid job and there would be a lot of people competing for this job. I have to say that life is not easy.

DSC09103In the afternoon, we went fishing to unwind ourselves from working a little bit. I really enjoy fishing since the first time I did it five years ago. I believe that the goal of fishing is not to really get some fish for the result, but to calm our hearts down a little bit from the noisy, industrialized world. The time for waiting for the fish to be caught is the time we can talk to our heart and to meditate ourselves. What I learn from fishing is that we need to be patient here to face everything happening in life, otherwise whatever you do would not be with you and you may not realize your dreams. Chloe caught a little fish and said that she was sad about catching it. Although I don’t know the reason why she felt that way, I respect her attitude and thinking about the fish and maybe the life. The whole part fishing was really fun thought I did not get a fish. Mexican food is ready. Let us have the meal for the wonderful day.

~ Bolin Y.