Saturday, Day 13: Brush and Gutter Cleanup and Fish-Fry/Chili-Off

DSC_1497Today is a big day in the community. We are hosting the Fellowship Fish-Fry at the church hall and have formed two groups to make chili for the event. One group made a Vegan Chili and the other group made a Beef Chili. While these two groups worked on the chili, another group went to go clean-up some brush with Mike, Val and Flowers. Two students also worked on cleaning the gutters at the church hall where we are staying.

Noon came and members of the community began arriving with cakes to contribute for the event. We also got some chicken wings to share. Community members also contributed fried fish, beans, and fries. The fish was fried on the premises in a deep-fryer by Flowers and was amazing. Our Vegan Chili, believe it or not, was also a big hit and won the cook-off, though I must say this group did have an advantage over the Beef Chili group who unfortunately had burned their batch, forgetting to stir the pot. It was great to mingle with members of the community and share stories.

~ Mrs. Hanrahan and Mr. Drossel

Brush and Gutter Clean-up

OMG! Today is Saturday! Finally! We got up at 7:30am and after brushing our teeth, we ate bagels, fruit and cereal. After having breakfast, I got the option to help with brush cleanup with Flowers. We drove the car to a place with a huge amount of branches near the road. So we got on our gloves and moved the branches to another place because we don’t want the branches to block the road to the small forest. We took away all the branches in an hour. After moving all the branches, my fingers were hurting. I think it’s a meaningful thing and we should help each other when someone needs some help. For me, it is great that I got the option and decided fast. In my future, I should help more people and give them a lot of support!

DSC_1468Then, I came back home and saw other people were working on preparing two types of chili for the Fish-Fry this afternoon. But, I felt so exhausted, so I decided to go to sleep in my room. When I got up, I saw a lot of people were having lunch now! My friends didn’t wake me up and I felt so sad. The chili and friend chicken wings had gone! So, I had fried fish and French fries! I really had a good meal and I felt so good. Then we decided to play basketball after lunch. We really had a good time. I hope I will have a good dream.

~ Yinru (Jason) S.

Fish Fry/Chili-Off

I slept until eight this morning. Sara still didn’t feel well. I didn’t have the chance to eat breakfast. But, a member from the local community gave me a piece of cornbread that he was preparing in our kitchen this morning. Then, Sara and I started to prepare for the community chili meal. Our group assignment is vegetarian chili. We did okay. Bob came back after clearing the branches and told me a lot of interesting stories about his family, about his past and about himself.

DSC_1481Before lunch with the community, I played the piano and a young boy came to me and wanted me to teach him. I believe that his name was Santana. He is so funny. He told me about his school, his friends and his life in Turkey Creek. As the conversation got further, I shared my experience in a hurricane in Pusan, and he shared his in Turkey Creek. He told me how he got in a fight with the rest of the boys. I missed my younger brother. Then, Santana, Jaileen and a little girl, and I played table games. In the afternoon, I played basketball with all the boys.

Later this afternoon, I finally got my phone. I found that I got accepted into Brown Summer School. My younger brother Milo Zhao just celebrated his 5th birthday along with my father. I love them.

~ Yingqi (Ingrid) Z.

DSC_1465Let me call this day a kitchen day because we almost spend ¾ of the day sting in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. Today is a big day for all of us because we serve chili for all the people in this community that we prepared. Although the meat chili was burned, the vegetarian chili was so popular that people enjoy even the last bit of that. To my surprise, I found that there are vegetarian sausages in the world. It is amazing because it looks like sausage, but tastes like something that I never tasted before. I felt so strange about the function and the purpose of such sausages. If you really want to eat something that tastes like sausage, why not just eat meat sausages? If you do want to eat healthy food, such as vegetarian food, please do not eat anything that even looks like sausage.

DSC_1510I was one of the students serving food to others. I never felt so good about doing such things. The action of serving impresses me so much that I probably will never forget about it. I received not only the big smiles from others, but also the personal growth that I did not expect. Although I even could not eat any chili due to the huge population in this community, I knew that everyone enjoyed it. I could not remember how many times I received a “thank you” from others. Today is just a wonderful day.

I wait to go fishing again later that day. Mike and Mr. Drossel taught me how to put worms on the hook. Although I did several fishing trips before, I never put the worms on it by myself. The juice that the worms spill out really makes me sick. However, I know that it is an important skill that I have to learn to prepare for the special situation that needs fishing. Think about what if I was lost on an island and have to get something to eat. Maybe fishing could be the best way to find a source of food. Well, unfortunately, no fish was hooked. My thought for today: I need more patience.

~ Bolin Y.