Thursday, Day 11: Drywall, Painting at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Seashore Mission

DSC_1382Today was another productive day at the blue house with one group of students; so great to see the progress each day. Our second group of students, headed to Biloxi to paint two rooms at Mount Pleasant’s sister church: St. Paul’s United Methodist church, a classroom and the kitchen. We plan on returning on Monday to finish a second coat on both rooms. After we finished our painting for the day, the second group headed to the Seashore Mission to serve high tea to the homeless people that came to the mission for the day. Special dinner was prepared for us all today back at the house: a great pasta dish that Mr. Drossel’s wife makes with pasta, alfredo and tomato sauces and sausage mixed together and baked in the oven. It was delicious and enjoyed by all!

~ Mrs. Hanrahan and Mr. Drossel

Painting at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

DSC_1410Today is pretty different from any other day because Jason, Johnny, Bob and I went to paint at the sister church of the church we are staying at. I went there to paint walls. I enjoy painting a lot. Today’s breakfast is all pretty good. We ate bacon and toast. Also, the scrambled eggs are pretty good when I put some soy sauce on the eggs. I enjoyed breakfast.

I went to the painting place and we started rolling the roll for painting walls. We love painting the wall instead of staying in the house for every day. We started painting in one of the rooms with a roller on the wall. We put paper on the floor under the wall while we were painting because we’re afraid of the paint drops that are gonna drop onto the floor and it’s relly hard for us to clean it up. After finishing the wall, we went to the kitchen to have lunch. Sandwiches, surprise, that we made in the morning. After eating lunch, we started to use brushes to paint the walls in the kitchen. In the afternoon, we went to the mission and cooked and served food for the homeless. We’re all willing to help these people. It’s a wonderful day and I enjoyed it.

~ Chengzhi (Martin) M.

Seashore Mission

DSC_1424It’s a very unique experience to help at the mission. It’s been a great honor to serve and talk to the homeless people. I was really shocked that in the US there are certain places that will offer food and drink for homeless people. This is a great idea to input in China. There are many homeless people in China and we do not have any charity organization for them. This experience influenced my perspective on life and homeless people since I surprisingly found out that homeless people are nice, grateful and friendly to us.

~ Hainiu (Johnny) X.

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