Wednesday, Day 10: Drywall, Science Lab, Dinner

DSC_1046For today’s workday, a group of seven students continued work in the blue house with Mike and Mr. Drossel while a second group headed back to the school to finish inventory of the supplies in Ms. Carter’s science lab. It was so great to finish the inventory for Ms. Carter; she was so happy about it and now can hopefully make better use of what she has and knows what she needs. A second local news station, WLOX News 13, an ABC affiliate, interviewed our group about our work here in Gulfport, MS. In the evening, we had a great, local treat for dinner: red beans and rice, prepared by Therosine, a lovely woman who resides in the community here. She, her husband Warren, Al and Flowers joined us for dinner.

~ Mrs. Hanrahan and Mr. Drossel

Personal Reflection

DSC_1080Instead of talking about what I did today, I want to talk about what I learned. Today’s activities were very mundane (cleaning the science room), so I figured that cultural topics would be more interesting. Something I learned today that really struck me and is something that I love about this town is that everyday Flowers and Warren (two members of the Turkey Creek community) sit out on the front lawn with their friends. In the winter, they sit on Warren’s lawn because the sun shines there, and it keeps them warm. But in the summer, they sit on Flower’s lawn because his house blocks the sun and keeps them cool. First of all, I love that the two brothers live close enough to be able to do that. And secondly I love that they do it everyday without fail. When we come home from work, they are always there talking and laughing, and they wave at us when we go by. Also, Vallee told me that not only have Flowers and Warren been doing it forever, but their mother did it too. I think that just a cool piece of Turkey Creek that makes this town truly unique.

~ Sara S.
Turkey Creek, MS

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