Wednesday, Day 3: Arrival in Mississippi!

After a long day of travel, with pickups starting at 3:15am at the houses with temperatures at about -3 degrees F, leaving MacArthur airport in Islip, New York at 7:10am, arriving in Fort Lauderdale, Florida just in time to board our connecting flight to New Orleans, arriving in New Orleans, Louisiana (with temperatures of about 43 degrees F) to take two vans another 1.5 hours to our destination, we found ourselves in Gulfport, Mississippi!

Students journaling thoughts and experiences of the day.

Students journaling thoughts and experiences of the day.

Mississippi_Day 3_Hanrahan1

We have settled in at our quarters in the Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church and all is going well so far!!

We are looking forward to the adventures that tomorrow will bring.

~ Mrs. Hanrahan and Mr. Drossel

Student reflection

Finally, we are traveling. I hope not to begin our trip at first, but when the time comes, I have to go. I woke up at 3:00am to wait for the transportation to take us to the school first. I remember nothing but the heavy luggage on the bus and the tired emotions on everyone’s faces. I understand that nobody may feel happy about the trip, but since Drossel said that the trip would be fun, I have to trust him. During the pick up, we missed two girls along the way, which might be a bad sign to begin with. Every trip should begin with a good sign, I guess. Therefore, I choose to drink coffee on the flight, because coffee is my favorite thing to drink and I believe that it will bring me good luck.

When we finally arrive at the airport, it was so cold outside that I could not even feel my heat in my body. I’ve never experienced cold like this. And I thought that Mississippi would be very hot, so I did not bring any thick clothing. A bad sign again! Hope the God in the Bible would bless me for the entire trip. There was nothing much needed to say during the flight. I slept all the way since the time I got on the airplane until the time I got off the airplane. Martin lost his contacts during the first plane flight, which is interesting I think; another bad sign. And then I switched to another plane, which only takes us about one and half hour to our destination. After arriving in New Orleans, Louisiana, we had lunch at Subway. I had a foot-long club, which I guess is the last meal we would have in a modernized world.

At the house in Turkey Creek, we played some games to decide who would be responsible for cooking dinner. Jason tried to beat Mr. Drossel, but mistakenly let him fall. Seeing Mr. Drossel have so much energy in his body, I felt so proud of my Ross School.

It is policy to collect all of our phones and laptops. Cutting down the connections from the outside world is just like rejecting modernization. I don’t think this policy will work, but let us see in the future.

~ Bolin Y.