“Pure hearts and Vicious Minds”

Maria Popova
Mentor: Jennifer Lloyd
Domain: English, History
Faculty Grader Shawn Clybor


Why is our society imperfect? How can we improve it? Is there an ideal world? These questions have been occupying my mind every since I can remember. Being highly interested in both creative writing and international politics, for my senior project I have chosen to write a multi-genre novella about a utopian society of the future. To convey my political and philosophical ideas, I chose to write my novella using prose, drama, and poetry. The purpose of this technique is to transfer a reader from one time dimension to another. My work that is based on studies of political philosophies of Rousseau, Marks, Hobbs,  Cohen, is intended to make readers reevaluate the principles our society is based upon.

Pure Hearts and Vicious Minds (Complete PDF)
Project Exhibition
Utopia, Oscar Wilde"Utopia is not a destination"
Reading Night

Project Presentation PowerPoint
Project Presentation
Works Consulted

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