Middle School Building Gets a Facelift


Classrooms in the Middle School Building (Building 4 on the Upper School campus) underwent a transformation at the start of this school year. The suites located in the building, which also include Innovation Lab @Ross and the wood shop, received upgrades that included new paint, flooring, renovated bathrooms, and new furniture. The result is a fresh design that is conducive to concentration and learning. Continue reading

Grade 2 Students End Solar System Unit with Big Bang



Ross School’s Grade 2 students ended their study of the Solar System with a creative assembly this week. The curricular theme for second grade is Systems, and students spend the year exploring classroom and community systems and the individual’s role within larger systems. In the beginning of the year, they evaluate the parts of the Solar System and learn that individuals belong to an interconnected universe made up of complex systems including many elements.

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Rory Gallaher Brings Lower School Farm into the Classroom


When Rory Gallaher ’17 was in third grade at Ross, her class fostered puppies from two days old to four weeks old as part of their unit on evolution. The project exemplified Ross’s commitment to integrated learning: in the Math domain, students charted the puppies’ growth over time, while in Science and Cultural History, they researched the evolution of the dogs and learned about puppies’ development in their first few weeks of life. The experience left a profound impact on Rory, and is one of her fondest curricular memories from her Lower School experience.

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