Eleventh Graders Capture the Modern Period


This week, eleventh grade students finished a cultural history unit studying the Modern Period by presenting integrated projects in the format of their choice. After examining the intense cultural shifts that occurred worldwide between 1860 and 1940 in their Cultural History and Visual Arts courses, students were responsible for producing an individual art-based project exemplifying the period and presenting it to their peers.

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Student Talent Showcased in Ross Upper School Winter Concert


Ross News is excited to share videos from last week’s Upper School Winter Concert. Ross School’s jazz band, middle and high school choruses, chamber ensemble, student-produced a capella group, and dance classes performed their most recent pieces, which ranged from standards like “My Funny Valentine” to a contemporary mash-up of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and Ben Cocks’s “Firefly,”​ as well as a few foreign language pieces. Some students from the Create a Dance elective Wellness class choreographed pieces for their classmates, while others performed dance solos. The talent on display was a great credit to Ross’s Performing Arts faculty, which includes Adam Judd, Maureen Isbister, Sheryl Hastalis, Deanna Locascio, and Natalie Blakey, all of whom also pitched in to enhance the performances. Bravo to all!

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Field Academy Ready to Take the World by Storm


With the second trimester coming to a close, Ross School students are looking ahead to Field Academy, a three-week period during which students have a chance to travel, take intensive courses, or work on individual projects. Field Academy gives students an opportunity to engage in authentic learning experiences alongside mentors and scholars in classes held on-campus and around the world, applying real-world skills and gaining exposure to different cultures, peoples, and languages. They can then translate these experiences into service learning projects both at home and abroad, often leading to intensive analysis, new interests and passions, possible college/career paths, volunteer opportunities, and the impetus for Senior Project.

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Senior Students Become the Teachers


Ross School students are taught with the goal of encouraging them to become global citizens of tomorrow as they develop leadership, innovative thinking, and empathic abilities necessary to effectively shape the world for future generations. This year, three Ross School seniors have focused their Senior Projects on the goal of empowering others through education.

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Faculty Profile: Meghan Hillen


Meghan Hillen teaches third grade and serves as the Cultural History domain coordinator for Ross Lower School. Prior to joining Ross, she taught both third and fourth grade for 10 years with the Howard County Public School System in Ellicott City, Maryland, and taught a science enrichment program at Howard Community College in Columbia, Maryland. Meghan wrote math curriculum for the National Security Agency that was distributed to all Maryland schools. Meghan also wrote science curriculum for all fourth grade classrooms in the 40 elementary schools in the Howard County Public School System. She is a graduate of Gettysburg College and Johns Hopkins University.

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Making a Difference with Senior Projects

BeFunky Collage a

Community service and engagement play a significant role in the Ross School philosophy. The motto “Know Thyself in Order to Serve” reflects the school’s commitment to preparing students for meaningful lives and leadership in the global community. Several members of the Class of 2017 used their Senior Projects as a means to raise awareness and support for societal issues like homelessness, endangered species, and physical disability.

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Eighth Grade Students Celebrate the Golden Age of Islam


After completing a 12-week-long comprehensive study of medieval Islamic society, eighth grade students demonstrated what they learned at Ross’s annual Islamic Banquet, a full-day event in which students put themselves in the shoes of the people and culture they’ve studied. As part of Ross School’s Spiral Curriculum, which emphasizes integrated learning across all domains, the Golden Age of Islam unit focuses on a rich medieval world comprising refined achievements in art, science, the humanities, and technology, as well as the time period’s and culture’s lasting influence.

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