Field Academy Sharing Night Scheduled for March 30


In recent weeks, students have traveled to the corners of the world and also engaged in wonderful learning experiences right here at home. They will discuss their adventures at Field Academy Sharing Night in the Court Theater in the Center for Well-Being at 6:30pm on March 30. The following sampling of activities near and far is but a taste of what students will present at that time.  Continue reading

Field Academy Week 2: Sustainability Studies Continue


From the classrooms on the East End of Long Island to historical sites around the world, this year’s Field Academy courses are providing students with incredible opportunities to learn about culture, people, sports, art, food and humanity. This post provides just a brief glance at their amazing experiences; we invite you to visit the Field Academy blogs to take an in-depth look! Continue reading

Seventh Graders Bring Down the House in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar


As part of their studies of ancient Rome, Ross seventh graders performed a moving interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar on February 27 in the Senior Building Lecture Hall. The production highlighted pivotal scenes and characters from the life and death of the legendary dictator, including his shocking assassination in the Roman Senate on March 15, 44 BC. Continue reading