Grade 5 Students Bring Spanish Culture and Language to the Stage


On March 16, fifth grade students put on a performance for parents and fellow students, an integrated project that showcased the skills and content they are learning in Spanish, theater, cultural history, art, and music classes. The skit was based on the legend of San Jorge y el Dragón (St. George and the Dragon), a myth credited with providing the framework for contemporary fairy tales.

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Student Profile: Billy Wang ’21


International student Dahe “Billy” Wang ’21 has big plans for his high school years at Ross School. He talks of formulating a campaign to inspire his peers to forgo video games in favor of person-to-person interactions and starting cultural exchange groups that will help students learn about one another’s home countries. But for the moment, he’s devoted to amassing as much knowledge as possible—immersing himself into worlds about which he claims to so far know little, from the American education system to visual arts.

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On-Campus Field Academy Courses Provide Educational Experiences


With Field Academy well under way, nearly 200 Ross students are traversing the globe, exploring alternative cultures and the global connections that unite us all. Still, the Ross campus remains as busy as ever, with many students taking on-campus courses devoted to the exploration of film, food, technology, and the cultivation of joy.

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Ross Students Present at Long Island Math Fair

Two teams of Ross seventh graders and one individual student competed in last week’s preliminary round of the Long Island Math Fair, which took place at Suffolk County Community College. This math fair differs from others in that it calls for students to investigate a project for several months before orally presenting their research to the judging panel.

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Middle School Students Take Curriculum on the Road


Next week, middle school students will have the opportunity to explore one of ancient Europe’s most enticing regions when they embark upon a nine-day journey to Andalusia, Spain. Because of its size, its location enabling a trade route between Europe and Africa, and its rich supply of mineral reserves, Andalusia has been an important part of European history.

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Fourth Grade Students Take an Integrated Look at Neolithic Settlements


Ross fourth graders are currently engaged in a study of early human life, focusing on human migration and its implications on cultural expression and diversity. Though Ross’s integrated curriculum, the students examine the material through multiple domains, including English, Math, Science, Cultural History, Media Studies and Technology, and Visual Arts. This comprehensive, integrated approach deepens their understanding of early human society and its impact on later generations.

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Larissa Gaias ’07: Educating for Peace

2016-05-25 09.37.43

Larissa Gaias ’07, daughter of Ross School faculty members Ed and Barbara Gaias, is a leader of the future. After being awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, she spent seven months in Colombia working in collaboration with the University of Cartagena to identify ways that schools can better support students affected by the armed conflict in Colombia that has lasted for more than 50 years. The study to which she contributed, Challenges for Peace in Post-Conflict Colombia, identifies schools as valuable peace-building and youth-developing institutions. Larissa’s collected data will inform her doctoral studies at Arizona State University’s T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics. Larissa recently spoke to Ross News about how her experiences as a Ross student from fifth grade through high school shaped her worldview and future career path.

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