Bravo! Bravo! Fall One-Act Plays Delight Ross Community


This past weekend, members of the Ross community gathered in the Court Theater at the Upper School to watch the Fall One-Act Plays. The annual four-star event featured works by various playwrights, including Ross student Emily Costello ’18, and were a delightful mix of dramatic and comedic performances. The student actors engaged the audience with tales of eccentric human behavior and experiences that made theater-goers howl with laughter, as well as deeper, provocative stories that explored the human soul and emotions.

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Art History in New York City


On November 13, the Revolutionary Art class led by Dr. Therese Lichtenstein traveled to New York City, taking their studies beyond the classroom walls. The students first visited the Upper East Side’s Jewish Museum, where curator Mason Klein treated them to a guided tour. Klein showcased Helena Rubinstein: Beauty Is Power, an exhibition that celebrates Rubinstein’s collection of art and pays tribute to her as a pioneer of the beauty industry.

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Slow Food Names Sylvia Channing Master Farmer


The Slow Food organization’s Education Committee has named Ross alum Sylvia Channing ’10 as the Master Farmer for Suffolk County schools. In this new role, Sylvia will help local schools, including Ross, Springs School, East Hampton High School, John Marshall Elementary School, Child Development Center of the Hamptons, and Montauk High School, grow their edible gardens.

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Alumni Art Exhibition Opens at Ross Gallery


As an institution renowned for its strong art-infused curriculum and emphasis on arts instruction, Ross School takes pride in the number of its graduates who have gone on to work in various artistic and creative fields. A number of these artists’ work is featured in the Ross Alumni Art Exhibition, which opened November 12 in the Ross Gallery. The show highlights artists who graduated from Ross in the last 13 years and are now studying art in college or working as professionals in creative fields. The alumni artwork on view includes drawings, paintings, animations, cartoons, ceramics, sculpture, photography, and prints.

View Alumni Art Exhibition Photos
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Third Grade Excavates “Fossils” at Lower School

Dig 3

One of the best things about studying the art and science of archaeology is being able to get your hands dirty and actually dig stuff up. On November 4, Ross third graders got to do just that, building on lessons about fossil formation that are part of their Cultural History unit on evolution. The class brought learning to life by burying student-made artifacts in the garden at the Lower School so that the aspiring Indiana Joneses could subsequently excavate them, putting skills into practice that they’d only heard about remotely.

View pictures of the grade 3 archaeological dig
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Applause! Applause!

Ross faculty, staff, students, and alumni achieve many accomplishments throughout the year, both on and off campus. This month we’re recognizing students Emma Engel ’16, Elizabeth Burdge ’17, Nicole Betuel ’15, Olivia Cohen ’15, Inga Cordts-Gorcoff ’15, Jeong Ho Ha ’15, Yeon Woo Jung ’15, Will Greenberg ’15, and Harrison Rowen ’15; alumni Sophia Do ’14, Orrin Frazier ’14, Sylvia Channing ’10, Levin Chaskey ’02, and Claire Lucido ’08; and faculty and staff Dan Roe ’04, Chris Engel, Jon Mulhern, and Jennifer Cross.

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