Ross Student Offers New Way of Raising Tilapia


Not every school is open to housing pets, but in the basement of Ross School’s High School Building, Brandon Hecht ’19 is breeding and raising animals that he hopes will provide tremendous relief to impoverished families: tilapia. The avid fisherman and aquatic science enthusiast is breeding and growing tilapia in ways that he hopes will encourage growth in metropolitan areas. His goal is that the research might provide an avenue for those in disadvantaged communities to grow more of their own food.

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College Counseling and Rising Seniors


College admissions is a stressful process for students, and it can be even more difficult for international students looking to attend university in the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, there are more 92,000 foreign-born secondary school students pursuing an education in America, and roughly 35% of those students are Chinese. As a boarding school with a robust international population, Ross School works hard to help both domestic and international students and their families navigate the admissions process.

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Annual Giving at Ross School


The guiding principle of life at Ross School is “Know thyself in order to serve.” Our students are called to use their skills and empathy to positively affect their communities and the world at large. The philanthropy of our current and alumni families, faculty and staff, grandparents, and friends, bears witness to the intersection of the school’s Core Values and serves as a real-world example for students of our shared responsibility to one another and the well-being of our wider community.

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Grade 5 Students Bring Spanish Culture and Language to the Stage


On March 16, fifth grade students put on a performance for parents and fellow students, an integrated project that showcased the skills and content they are learning in Spanish, theater, cultural history, art, and music classes. The skit was based on the legend of San Jorge y el Dragón (St. George and the Dragon), a myth credited with providing the framework for contemporary fairy tales.

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