Inspiring a Commitment to Sustainability

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Throughout the week at the Ross Institute Summer Academy, visiting experts and Ross mentors, faculty, and administrators have been examining complex issues related to Earth’s sustainability. The goal is to discuss and synthesize the available data, theories, and critical thinking and introduce new content and ideas into the Ross School curriculum to educate students and prepare them to take action to benefit the global community.

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Watch: Ross Institute Summer Academy 2014 Lectures on Sustainability

Ross mentors, faculty and renowned experts are gathered at the School in East Hampton this week for the Ross Institute Summer Academy conference, “Human Species Impact and Our Planet: Educating Children for Action.” Attendees are engaged in critical dialogues with the goal of improving the Ross School curriculum, education, and experience for students.

The lectures discuss the evolution of the universe, man, systems, society and consciousness; and how human behaviors and “chaos theory” are manipulating our global resources and realities.*

Watch the Experts at Ross Institute Summer Academy 2014

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Ross Convenes Experts to Discuss Educating Children on Sustainability


Renowned scholars, experts, and educational practitioners are gathered at Ross Upper School August 18–22 for Ross Institute’s Summer Academy conference, “Human Species Impact and Our Planet: Educating Children for Action.” Speakers will discuss human evolution and critically examine Earth’s sustainability crisis as both an early childhood–grade 12 education issue and a youth rights issue.

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Summer Term: ESOL Classes Present Theatrical Interpretations of Their Studies

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To mark the end of Summer Term @Ross on August 7, students in the four ESOL classes presented what they learned via theatrical and visual productions to an audience of faculty, staff, and peers. To prepare, classmates worked as a large group, in smaller teams, or individually to interpret and perform classical English literature, Greek mythology, and popular American songs.

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Summer Term: Media Studies, Innovation Lab Builds Technical Skills


In the Media Studies class, taught by Ross School’s dean of the same department Alexis Martino, students are currently working with their photographs taken during a recent trip to the beach. A wealth of artistic talent is captured in their pictures of classmates in black and white and action shots in vivid color. They are currently editing and printing display-quality photographs.

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Summer Term: ESOL Students Study Classic Literature, Prep for Final Presentations


In the advanced and intermediate level ESOL classes, students are reading and interpreting literary classics by famous playwrights and authors including Geoffrey Chaucer and Shakespeare. For their final Summer Term projects, students will prepare a visual and oral presentation associated with their studies.

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