Greg Drossel: The Most Interesting Man in the World


Students in Mami Takeda’s Positive Psychology class have been hard at work this trimester researching the nature of happiness and uncovering new ways to cultivate and share a positive outlook on life. Happy News, a newsletter produced by the class, builds on the themes of identity and gratitude that students have explored in class, encouraging them to use alternative forms of communication to find sources of joy in their everyday lives. In the debut edition of Happy News, students Rory Gallaher and Jared Goldsmith profiled Assistant Director of Student Life and former naturalist Greg Drossel. Continue reading

Working to Bring “Abstraction” to Reality

IMG_6593 (1)

A hallmark of the Ross School experience for seventh graders is curating a themed art exhibition to be shown at the Ross Gallery. For more than 20 years, this innovative interdisciplinary project designed by Dean of Visual Arts Jennifer Cross has helped students cultivate skills in collaboration, organization, and critical thinking while teaching them new ways to engage authentically with art.

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Fourth Graders Explore Flute-Making


Last week, Ross School fourth graders shared the results of their two-day flute-making workshop by performing a concert for their peers. The course coincided with the students’ Cultural History unit exploring ancient Mississippian and Iroquois tribes.

Led by Jay Loomis, an expert in flutes and woodwind instruments with Stony Brook University, the students learned about different types of flutes, the instruments’ origins, and their historical uses beyond music. Native American shepherds, for example, used flutes to help herd animals.  Continue reading

Ross Lower School Welcomes Grandparents and Special Friends


In spite of a rainy forecast, more than 100 people gathered to celebrate Ross Lower School’s Grandparents and Special Friends Day on May 5. The annual event commemorates the invaluable role that grandparents and mentors play in the lives of our students, and it gives the adults the opportunity to see firsthand what Ross students experience in the classroom.

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Dimming the Lights on Glow Kids


Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, technology addiction specialist and author of Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Children—And How to Break the Trance, presented a talk at Ross School last week in which he shared with an audience of parents and children the neurological impact of technology overload. His research was inspired by treating a teen who was so deeply enmeshed in a state of video game–induced psychosis that he had to be hospitalized and treated with medication.

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Ross School First to Visit Anatomy Lab at New York Medical College


Last week Ross School students became the first group of high schoolers allowed to visit the Alumni Gross Anatomy Laboratory at New York Medical College, one of the nation’s oldest and largest health sciences colleges. The lab, which serves hundreds of medical students annually, provided Ross ninth graders with an object lesson in human anatomy. Continue reading