Students Simulate the Golden Age of the Enlightenment

Grade 10 Salon 12-2017 - 32

On December 6, 2017, Ross 10th graders celebrated the end of their unit on the Enlightenment by hosting a salon, a style of gathering popularized in the 18th century in which intellectuals and philosophers came together to discuss their theories and ideas.

To prepare for the salon, each student assumed the persona of a historical figure, familiarizing themselves with the person’s history and beliefs in order to participate authentically in the conversations. Cultural History teacher Kevin Snyder served as the event’s facilitator, posing questions and guiding the discussion. The teachers on the team circulated among groups, listening to and joining in conversations with the students to evaluate their knowledge of the philosophies of the character they were portraying and their ability to discuss the issues with each other.

“This was a great learning experience for the students and teachers to enjoy together, and it was fun to see the historical figures of the past brought to life,” said Linda Hanrahan, grade 10 team leader.

Wellness teacher Hailey London worked with students to prepare refreshments for the salon. In keeping with the French theme, they enjoyed crépes with strawberry preserves; canapés of shrimp, brie, and cucumber; French chocolate pudding; and a French walnut cake.

“We enjoyed the salon very much,” said Ronnie Y. ’20. Kari C. ’20 added, “I learned a lot about political ideas from different people in history, like Montesquieu, and I loved the snacks we made.”