Student Art On Display Locally

Artwork from Ross School students are currently on display in two local exhibitions: Parrish Art Museum’s 2018 Student Exhibition and Guild Hall’s Annual Student Art Festival. For decades, these two events have helped to cultivate the next generation of visual artists by displaying their work in professional settings and providing opportunities for artistic mentorship. Continue reading

Middle School Students to Explore North Africa

Ross School’s Field Academy offers students and faculty the opportunity to work intensively on group projects through coursework that can occur on campus or in destinations around the world. Among this year’s courses available to middle school students is an excursion to Morocco, offering students a unique opportunity to connect to their classroom content. Over 10 days, students and faculty will explore Morocco’s rich history and culture, as well as become familiar with contemporary issues affecting the North African country. Continue reading

Senior Class Celebrates Early College Acceptances

This year’s senior class is celebrating an impressive assemblage of early college acceptances. One of the advantages of attending Ross School is that each student follows a unique path—defined by his or her Senior Project, Field Academy experiences, and elective courses taken along the way—that leads to a profile that stands out even in competitive admissions processes. To date, the Class of 2018 has earned acceptance to more than 30 colleges and universities (see list below*) and been offered $1.24 million in merit scholarships. Continue reading