Middle School Students to Explore North Africa

Ross School’s Field Academy offers students and faculty the opportunity to work intensively on group projects through coursework that can occur on campus or in destinations around the world. Among this year’s courses available to middle school students is an excursion to Morocco, offering students a unique opportunity to connect to their classroom content. Over 10 days, students and faculty will explore Morocco’s rich history and culture, as well as become familiar with contemporary issues affecting the North African country. Continue reading

Eighth Grade Students Host Banquet Culminating Study of Islam


Following a trimester-long comprehensive study of medieval Islamic society, eighth grade students demonstrated what they learned at Ross’s annual Islamic Banquet. For the past 12 years, Ross School has held this event, allowing students to experience and share the culture they’ve studied with the student body. Continue reading

Fourth Grade Students Take an Integrated Look at Neolithic Settlements


Ross fourth graders are currently engaged in a study of early human life, focusing on human migration and its implications on cultural expression and diversity. Though Ross’s integrated curriculum, the students examine the material through multiple domains, including English, Math, Science, Cultural History, Media Studies and Technology, and Visual Arts. This comprehensive, integrated approach deepens their understanding of early human society and its impact on later generations.

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Eighth Grade Students Celebrate the Golden Age of Islam


After completing a 12-week-long comprehensive study of medieval Islamic society, eighth grade students demonstrated what they learned at Ross’s annual Islamic Banquet, a full-day event in which students put themselves in the shoes of the people and culture they’ve studied. As part of Ross School’s Spiral Curriculum, which emphasizes integrated learning across all domains, the Golden Age of Islam unit focuses on a rich medieval world comprising refined achievements in art, science, the humanities, and technology, as well as the time period’s and culture’s lasting influence.

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Lower School Students and Parents Predict the Future for Back-to-School Night


Ross Lower School parents and families were welcomed to campus Tuesday evening for Back-to-School Night. The annual event offers an opportunity for parents to become acquainted with their children’s teachers and to gain a better understanding of what students are learning in their classes.

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