Middle School Students Take Curriculum on the Road


Next week, middle school students will have the opportunity to explore one of ancient Europe’s most enticing regions when they embark upon a nine-day journey to Andalusia, Spain. Because of its size, its location enabling a trade route between Europe and Africa, and its rich supply of mineral reserves, Andalusia has been an important part of European history.

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Field Academy Ready to Take the World by Storm


With the second trimester coming to a close, Ross School students are looking ahead to Field Academy, a three-week period during which students have a chance to travel, take intensive courses, or work on individual projects. Field Academy gives students an opportunity to engage in authentic learning experiences alongside mentors and scholars in classes held on-campus and around the world, applying real-world skills and gaining exposure to different cultures, peoples, and languages. They can then translate these experiences into service learning projects both at home and abroad, often leading to intensive analysis, new interests and passions, possible college/career paths, volunteer opportunities, and the impetus for Senior Project.

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Field Academy: Adventures, Service Continue Across the Globe


From Long Island to exotic historical sites around the world, students are enjoying amazing adventures and learning about different cultures and people. When they have time (and Internet connectivity), they are sharing photos and accounts of their diverse experiences, so check out the Field Academy blogs for a deeper look at their journeys! Continue reading

Field Academy Focuses on Sustainability Issues at Home and Abroad


For a three-week period between the Winter and Spring Terms each year, Ross students participate in a variety of intensive on- and off-campus courses covering a wide range of topics. This year, the focus of the studies is once again on issues of sustainability and service in countries across the globe. Courses kicked off on February 22, with several groups departing for international locations while others dove into studies at home on Long Island. Continue reading

Ross Students Collaborate with Smithsonian Scientists


Back in October, students participating in a Field Academy course in the Solomon Islands conducted marine studies alongside Smithsonian Institute scientists Dr. Sea McKeon and Dr. Chris Meyer. Since their return to the United States, the students have been hard at work producing a field guide that documents the hundreds of species they observed on the trip. During the week of May 18, Dr. McKeon and his research colleagues met with students at Ross to lend their expertise in identifying and documenting the marine organisms. Continue reading

Sharing Insights from Field Academy Courses


One of the annual highlights of Ross School’s Field Academy program takes place after Upper School students have reconvened with their classmates in East Hampton. On Field Academy Sharing Night, held this year on March 30, students who went off campus offer up slide shows, videos, and presentations to the community at large, communicating what they learned and experienced in their travels.  Continue reading

Field Academy Sharing Night Scheduled for March 30


In recent weeks, students have traveled to the corners of the world and also engaged in wonderful learning experiences right here at home. They will discuss their adventures at Field Academy Sharing Night in the Court Theater in the Center for Well-Being at 6:30pm on March 30. The following sampling of activities near and far is but a taste of what students will present at that time.  Continue reading

Field Academy Week 2: Sustainability Studies Continue


From the classrooms on the East End of Long Island to historical sites around the world, this year’s Field Academy courses are providing students with incredible opportunities to learn about culture, people, sports, art, food and humanity. This post provides just a brief glance at their amazing experiences; we invite you to visit the Field Academy blogs to take an in-depth look! Continue reading