Senior Project Profile: August Schultz ’18


An interesting thing happened to Ross School senior August (Augie) Schultz during a recent trip to the dentist. As he sat in the reception area, waiting for his turn to be seen, he looked up from his cell phone to realize that every other guest in the room—regardless of age—was also glued to a mobile device. The sight was jarring to him. “Everyone was on a phone: toddlers, moms, dads, and grandparents. It was strange because using technology as much as we do is regular, but it’s not normal,” Augie said. Continue reading

Senior Students Become the Teachers


Ross School students are taught with the goal of encouraging them to become global citizens of tomorrow as they develop leadership, innovative thinking, and empathic abilities necessary to effectively shape the world for future generations. This year, three Ross School seniors have focused their Senior Projects on the goal of empowering others through education.

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Making a Difference with Senior Projects

BeFunky Collage a

Community service and engagement play a significant role in the Ross School philosophy. The motto “Know Thyself in Order to Serve” reflects the school’s commitment to preparing students for meaningful lives and leadership in the global community. Several members of the Class of 2017 used their Senior Projects as a means to raise awareness and support for societal issues like homelessness, endangered species, and physical disability.

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Senior Projects Offer Solutions for Sustainability Challenges

SP sustainability

Sustainability and stewardship of Earth’s resources are woven into the daily experiences of Ross School students. The school’s facilities make use of the latest renewable energy sources, and the Ross curriculum highlights a multitude of sustainability topics throughout the grade levels, often leading to whole-school discussions about ecology, culture, economics, politics, and our shared duty to preserve and maintain the environment and protect those most vulnerable to destructive environmental change. Using their Senior Project as a platform, some members of the Class of 2017 have drawn on what they’ve learned in these areas to propose innovative solutions to some of society’s toughest problems.

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Rory Gallaher Brings Lower School Farm into the Classroom


When Rory Gallaher ’17 was in third grade at Ross, her class fostered puppies from two days old to four weeks old as part of their unit on evolution. The project exemplified Ross’s commitment to integrated learning: in the Math domain, students charted the puppies’ growth over time, while in Science and Cultural History, they researched the evolution of the dogs and learned about puppies’ development in their first few weeks of life. The experience left a profound impact on Rory, and is one of her fondest curricular memories from her Lower School experience.

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