Made By Me Field Academy Inspires Handiwork

In a classroom in the High School building, students in the Made by Me Field Academy course are knitting scarves, weaving baskets, beading jewelry, and much more. The course—which is led by teachers Mami Takeda, Kim Borsack, Ria Meng, and Sherry Qiu—inspires students to disconnect from consumer culture and experience the rewards of making things by hand. Continue reading

Graduates Return for Alumni Visit Day

Last month, Ross School held an Alumni Visit Day, during which past graduates returned to campus to connect with former teachers and classmates. Graduates in attendance spanned from the Class of 2001—Ross’s first graduating class—to those who received their diplomas last year. The event was the Alumni Association’s best-attended gathering in recent history. Continue reading

Field Academy: Seeking Truth in Greece

The goal of journalism is not to make a moral judgment. It’s to hold up a mirror reflecting what is happening in society. Sometimes you can do that so well that it’s impossible for the audience not to draw a moral conclusion, said award-winning international journalist Micah Danney to a group of students preparing for a three-week field study in journalistic storytelling. Continue reading