Day 9 and 10: Sailing like Sinbad

We spent the last two days sailing the Gulf of Oman on an Omani Dhow. We arrived in the Musandam region of Oman, which is actually separated from Oman and surrounded by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Musandam is located on the Gulf of Oman and is known for it’s rocky terrain and fjords. We then stopped in the village of Kumzar, a small village that can only be reached by boat. After sailing on the ocean for a day, we slept overnight on a beach, then woke up and continued our journey back to port in Khasab, but not before seeing some dolphins! We then headed by land into the UAE and the Emirate of Fujairah, where we continued our trip.


Listening to the sound of the waves under the warm sunlight at the beach was great enough to be the sign of the beginning of the last day in Oman. We spent a night on the beach, watching the stars alongside the bright moonlight. Everyone had a great time last night, and now it was time to leave Oman. Everything here was so different than what I had known previously. People were more traditional, following along with certain Muslim and Omani customs, which were less likely to be modern. But in Kumzar, it seemed as if they were continuing with their traditions and not caring much about the outside world. We enjoyed the time on the boat. On the way back to the hotel, we met a group of dolphins who enchanted us with their dance on the water surface. The dolphins followed the boat for a while as if they were knowing that it was our last moment in Oman and people.
I have no doubt that the last several days in Oman were the greatest time of my life, and that were absolutely unforgettable. I want to say thank you to Oman and thank you to all the people who were with us here.
– Jadon H. ’17
We crossed the border between Oman and UAE after the trip on the Dhow. With all the excitement we got during these two days, we finally reached to the second country of our trip – UAE. We have a new tour guide Arif. He gave us a brave introduction of this country. UAE has seven emirates, we got through the smallest one where is next to the border. The environment here is similar to Oman. It has a 700 km coastline. However, water here is more expensive and limited. All the drinking water comes from the ocean. There is no water in the interior of this country. So water price here is more expensive. It will be interesting to compare and contrast our time in Oman to that in the UAE.
– Selina Q. ’17