Four Days at Home – Checking In!

For our Field Academy trip, we are going to Oman. We leave on Thursday afternoon and stay on campus until then. Since Monday, we have been working on our pre-trip presentations. Each student was giving a topic about Oman to research and present it to the group. We had in-class discussions about what makes Oman the safest place to visit in the Middle East and how it remains a neutral country regardless of its location. We also had an introduction to the main religion of Oman, Islam, and we completed a written assignment about it. We saw an extremely interesting documentary about two English men who walked through the Empty Quarter desert. In the documentary the men shared their previous thoughts about the trip and it was interesting to see how their perspective changed once they finished their adventure. Everybody is very excited to travel, so far we have been gathering a lot of information about the trip and it’s going to be great to actually see everything we have been talking about since it is so different from the reality most of us are used to. I believe this trip is going to expand our wold view and meet amazing people.

– Melissa I. ’18