Day 1: Ancient Cultures and Major Religions

Today we visited the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and were given a tour of the Mosque by Syed, our tour guide. After having a great lunch, we headed to the National Museum of Oman, where we were met by Dr. Jeff Rose, who is a prehistoric archaeologist and has been digging in the south of Oman for the past seven years. Jeff explained to us about the prehistoric civilizations that were in Oman and how they developed over time. We also talked about the incredible maritime culture of the Omani. Oman was situated in the middle of major civilizations around the world and often were trading partners of these civilizations. The Omani people were a major part of the Silk Road, connecting the East to the West. It was amazing to hear about this topic from an expert who is in the field learning about this subject! We ended the day with many of us taking a visit to the beach and watching the sunset.
 Ross Girls in Mosque
Today that we went to the mosque and I learned a lot of thing. I wasn’t expecting such hospitality from the Omani people, I thought they were so nice to us even though we were foreigners. Our tour guide, Syed was talking to us about the religion and customs of Islam, he was so nice and he was engaging a lot with us, he even talked to us about personal experiences and he made us laugh.
Then when we went to eat the dates and the omani coffee, I felt very welcome by all the Omani people and I notice that the people there wanted to show us the real Middle East not the one we see in the news. The women that talked to us was really kind and I appreciated her personal opinion about the dress code in Muslim countries. I learned so many new things about Islam and it made me gain a new view about the middle east. Now I feel that I can tell people and teach them about Islam, Muslim countries and the real Middle East.
– Adriana B. ’18
After the long flight, we finally arrived at our hotel in Oman around 1:00 am. We all had some sort of jetlag this morning but we still enjoyed visiting the Grand Mosque of Oman and the National Museum. Although we were tired, there are a lot of things we learned! One thing I was most curious about Muslim culture is why Muslism women need to cover their body, and by talking to a Muslim woman at the mosque I got an answer! They need to cover their bodies because showing their skins and bodies distract men’s thoughts even though they are considered as beauty, men need to marry with someone who have wonderful thoughts and kindness.
– Taito S. ’18
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  1. Looks like everyone is having a great time! Can’t wait to see more posts!

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