Day 4 and 5: Desert Life


Over the last two days, our Oman crew got to experience life in the desert among the Bedouin people of Oman. The Bedouins are a historically nomadic tribe that lives in the deserts of Oman and across the Middle East. We spent two days with them in the Wahiba Sands, enjoying the sand dunes, sunrises, sunsets, and learning about the unique culture of the Bedouins.


The last two days were amazing, in the morning some of the people woke up very early to watch the sunrise, we climbed the sand dunes and it was such a pretty scene. After breakfast, we had the opportunity to ride camels and get henna tattoos. some of the girls stayed behind to do henna tattoos and some of us went to the camels first. Soon after we left the desert in the cars but it was very sad thinking that this is a one life opportunity and maybe we would never see those things again. I’m very thankful for being part of this opportunity

– Bruna A. ’18


It is my first time to come to the desert. It is actually the reason why I chose this trip. It was very hot in the desert, I was hopeless until the sun goes down. It was so hot that we sweat even just sitting there.

– Kaho Y. ’17

As our car swerved on the sandy terrain, a feeling of despair surged in my mind. Every trace of civilization had been left behind. All that I could see were massive heaps of sand and camels roaming in the great vastness of the Wahiba Sands. Nothing was similar to the reality I am so accustomed to. The whole car ride I remained glued to my seat,  in fear of what was yet to come. Fortunately, my experience was very different from my initial thoughts. The time I spent in the desert did not only change my notions about the actual desert but also the people that inhabit this area. I was exposed to the roots of Omani culture and met incredible people, that have amazing personalities, even though they did not speak English well. It is safe to say that this adventure was the highlight of my trip.

– Valentina V. ’18