Course Description

For over 10,000 years Oman has lain at the crossroads of civilization and culture. With stunning landscapes, lively culture and cuisine, and eons of history, Oman offers the opportunity for students to be transported back in time as they traverse the rolling desert dunes and breathtaking fjords of the Arabian peninsula asking questions such as “How does archaeological and geological evidence tell the story of human history?” and “What can ancient history teach modern humans about sustainability and their own future?”  Arriving in Muscat, the capital, students visit the Grand Mosque and National Museum, and round off the day polishing up on their bargaining skills in a traditional souq. From Muscat, students then travel down the coast to Wadi Shab, where they hike and explore coastal Bronze Age archaeological sights with an expert anthropologist, who accompanies students throughout the trip. After volunteering at a sea turtle nesting site and visiting the ancient city of Qalhat, students learn about Omani everyday life, from date farming to the mythical djinn of Arabic culture. Students spend a day riding camels like a Bedouin, and a night under the desert stars, after which they visit the ancient fort city of Nizwa before heading to the coastal city of Khasab. It is from here that for the next two days students live like the mythical Arabian sailor of Sinbad; students set off on a two-day expedition on a traditional Omani dhow to explore the fjords of Oman and learn about ancient navigation. Upon returning ashore, students visit the Iron Age temple and rock art site of Wadi al-Hayl before making an overland crossing into the United Arab Emirates. On their final day, students have the opportunity to visit the modern city of Dubai before heading back home after this unique experience.

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