A difference world

CaioChild copy Photo By Caio Garcia

To be honest, I didn’t really understand M-term was about till today. Today our lives changed, we got removed from our shells and put into a foreign location. None of us speak the language of the Embera tribe, In the Tusipono village about 3 hours away from Panama City; we don’t know their customs or traditions. Some of us have never even camped before. We are true outsiders, but the indigenous Embera people are more welcoming then some of our neighbors at home.

Gloria11Photo By Gloria Feuer

The tribes men greeted us at the bus via canoe; we travel to their village to be greeted by drumming and the women of the tribe in their traditional clothing. We then dropped our stuff off and went to a waterfall in which we rock climbed swam and jumped into the water.  We had lunch of fresh fish made by the tribe women ad later incredible chicken and rice for dinner. We played music, soccer, and basketball and over all attempted to communicate with the locals. Some reached out to us more then others but everyone was friendly they even gave us henna tattoos with traditional tribal patterns. We fell asleep in tents, well some us tried to fall asleep but it was hard because of Cesar’s (our tour guilds) snoring that would turn into yelps by the hour. However despite the lack of sleep I today realized that m term is about life changing experiences and this trip is one.

Story By Lindsay Lerner

Embera CousinsPhoto By Mark Cheng

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