A sneaky white mask and a Devilish Red

Today was a good day, for a monkey.  Today we set out on the Panama Canal in a little boat.  I thought we would sink or get eaten by zee crocodile, but we did not.  On the ride we went to a tree.  There was a white faced capuchin monkey in the tree.  A hungry monkey.  We fed the monkey.  He got stingy and greedy as I was eating my beef jerky for a little snack.  The monkey swooped down on my shoulder and reached between my legs and stole my beef jerky.  After he took my beef jerky he climbed on a branch and tried to open it.  He couldn’t open the bag and dropped it into the water.  We laughed and left in search of more animals.


By Sam Passavia

Jhané'sbridge  Photo By Jhane Gibson

Emma-ScottcanoesPhoto By Emma-Scott Egbert

That afternoon we also went to Panama’s largest celebration, Carnival.  The celebration of life was palpable both on the participants’ faces and in the air.  We took in the music, dancing, and food while dodging sprays from squirt guns and whippings by masked devils. Our time in Carnival ended with us watching the parade on the coast as the sunset with the carnival queens displaying the beauty of Panama.

JackLycke_CarnavalPhoto By Jack Lycke




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