Saying good bye to new friends

This is the last day at the local village. Recall yesterday, the first time we arrived at this village, we did not know anything about this village, everything is new. Remember the first thing that shocked me is its location. This small local village located at a small island, so that people from outside world is very hard to reach here which make this village really traditional. People are wearing traditional clothes, playing traditional instrument, and speaking traditional language.
Isabelle_Chief Photo By Isabelle Rowe

After one day explore, we went to the waterfall where we swam. We interviewed local people and learned their own traditional knowledge. We watched and participated in their local singing and dancing activity. We played sports with local people. We tasted local fish, which are pretty fresh and tasty. We set up tends with local people. Some of us even made a lot of local friends. All these show that local people are pure and plain.

DSC01045   Photo By Johnny Xu

However, everything had to end, though we are not willing to leave this village, we have to continue our Panama tour. After playing with local children and shopping souvenirs, we left the village at noon.

Pedro Blog 1 Photo By Pedro Marcello

Time in that village is really remarkable. We had fun with local people, with their children in particular. We left their village by their boat, and then we had lunch at around one o’clock. Then we had an almost three hours drive to our next hotel. We spent the whole afternoon arriving at hotel. Pleasantly, our hotel is fantastic. We have amazing rooms and Wi-Fi.

Kendall_Kid in Water Photo By Kendall Scala

This is an unforgettable day; we left those friendly and plain local people to continue our trip. However, we do gain something like nice hotel. We are expecting tomorrow and we are really enjoying time in Panama, a fantastic country.

Story By Johnny Xu

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