On the road again

The 9th day of our awesome M-Term trip to the passionate, vibrant, colorful, humid, diverse and wonderful Panama.

Mask makerPhoto By Jhane Gibson

After we left the cozy hotel in Antón, we stopped on the way to Los Santos to have lunch. It was a rather small restaurant, which was not that ready for that many of us to “attack”. Despite the shaggy front it has, the “comida” there are “muy bieno”. The chicken soup I had was terrific. The texture of the chicken meat was soft and smooth, it melts the second it arrives your mouth. The natural flavor of chicken was perfectly contained by the greasy, but delicious soup. Then you add rice in it, they absorb the essence of the dish. When they sweep through the tip of your tongue, it numbs your nerves and brings happiness to the every corner of your fatigue body. How amazing it is that some ordinary ingredients can turn to a bowl of tropical paradise.  It reminds me A LOT of Chinese food, just saying.

isabelleblog3Photo By Isabelle Rowe

We arrived the hotel Cubitá before we even noticed. A sad sad news hits us the second we stopped the bus—– Chris is leaving us. The talented kitty-like yoga-teacher-to-be photographer Chris had to stop the journey with us right now to go back to the cold depressing crowded New York City for yoga class. Put away the sorrowful feelings we have inside of our hearts, we had to put ourselves together and continue the trip. Farewell and good luck Chris!!! Best wishes for you.

Gloria14Photo By Gloria Feuer

As the culture and tradition center of Panamá, we visited several local artists and learned many stuff from them. We visited a bakery factory where they make pastry with hands and bake them in the most traditional way possible—In a special dome-like oven, which is made of cement. Then we went to a ceramics artists’ workshop, experienced how difficult it is and how patient you have to be to make a fine work. Cats were lying everywhere enjoying the warm sunshine while those pots-makers sweat like rain. Right after that, we arrived a traditional mask maker’s shop and observed how a mask is made can be terrifying and beautiful at the same time. The shop owner looks just surprisingly similar with the masks he makes……the final stop we made is the drum maker’s home. We witnessed the long and hard process you have to go through if you want to make a fine drum. The sound coming out of the drum is inspiring and heartening.

Kendall_LadyPhoto By Kendall Scala

We had the best dinner since we have been in this country. The dishes were delicate and lovely. The swimming pool next to our tables is spreading the mysterious also charming lights in different shades. The sound ice in our drinks clicking the glass sings along the sound that out forks and knives scratching the plates, composed a symphony of happiness. Just like the lyrics “ now we live beside the pool where everything is good.”

We did some work after and this is the 9th day of our life-altering memorable trip to Panamá.

Story By Jingyi (Big Kitty) Xue

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