Bugs and Beans

Today was the 9th March 2014 and we first drove to Volcan Baru. From there we walked up a short road and enjoyed the beautiful surrounding scenery. Then we hiked the hill up and made a rest at a lovely ranger station. From there we hiked a short trail and after brief time we felt we were in the topical jungle of Panama.

Emma-Scott hikePhoto By Emma-Scott Egbert

After that we drove back to the hotel to change and then we left for our next aim. The small, but unique coffee plantation “Janson’s Family Coffee”. We first enjoyed a delicious lunch with vegetarian burritos and their famous coffee. Then we were split up in two groups depending on gender and we had a tour through the whole coffee plantation.

isabelle_beatlePhoto By Isabelle Rowe

First we saw the coffee plants and learned about different types of coffee plants and their special properties. Then we hiked a little bit and saw the highest lakes in Panama. Also we learned how to process coffee and the different ways of processing it (Honey, Water and Natural).  Then we visited the big ovens in which coffee gets roasted and why they roast their premium coffee very lightly. After that we had a last coffee rest in their café and we could buy souvenirs and coffee for our parents and friends.

JackLycke_CoffeePhtoto Photo By Jack Lycke

To summarize the whole day we hiked a beautiful trail and a mountain high and also learned] a lot about coffee, how to process, what is a great coffee and everything else that belongs to the topic of coffee.

Story By Konstantin Strobel

Kendall_CoffeePhoto By Kendall Scala

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