A Caribbean Adventure

We woke up at 6:20 in ravishing Bocas Del Toro to start an awesome day of snorkeling and bird watching. Once we all had put on our bathing suits and sunscreen, we ate a delicious breakfast of pancakes (I put Nutella on mine) and polenta-meat patties. Eating on the water is magical, our hotel in literally on stilts on the shore of the island.

Island Johnny BirdsPhoto By Johnny Xu

At 8ish, boats pulled into the hotel and picked us up. We were taken to a bird sanctuary island that looked straight out of a fairy tale. If I were to be placed on any abounded island, this would be the one. Later, we traveled by boat to a beach to go snorkeling. The bar tender made really yummy banana and pineapple smoothies. In the water, there were a bunch of sea stars and poop looking piles, which I later learned were the dug up sand and mud from the sea worms. The captain of the motorboat took us to a couple exceptional snorkeling spots where a series of tropical fish were spotted.


We got back to the hotel and people napped, read, played cards, and hung out. During this trip, I’ve read 5 1/2 books. We ate pasta and fish for lunch, and then embarked to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. A scientist tour guide taught us all about the different types of sea sponges and poisonous dart frogs. Those two seemed to be his favorite things to talk about. We walked around the institute and saw many different kinds of rare and tropical birds. Some Princeton students were working on coral research, more specially categorizing and charting brittle sea stars. Finally, we went back to the hotel to collect our clean clothes and walk around town. A good end to a great day.


Story By Isabelle Rowe


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