Bitter Sweet

Today we visited the Oreba Cocoa plantation in Bocas Del Toro (The Chocolate Farm), which was also called Ngnobe . We were first on a long bus ride, which was loud and annoying. We came upon this dirt road and I was very confused at why we were here. We all got off and walked up the dirt hill, with houses on stilts built up along it. From what it looked liked, it seemed that we were in a small village, at the top I soon figured out that we were at the Cocoa Plantation.

CocoaPhoto By Jack Boyland

When we got inside, we all sat down in this cabin sort of building to eat lunch. When lunch came out, we realized we were eating the same food the locals were.  There was a purple thing that was their type of potato, which was a root named Otoe, and the green vegetable was their version of spinach, which was called Malanga. After lunch, we were then split up into two groups to go explore their plantation. We were given information on how they make chocolate. When the guy opened the fruit, there were white beans that were slimy, this was the cocoa bean. He told us to put it in our mouths and suck on them because they were sweet. The guide showed us how they roast the beans, and then crush them. The ladies roasted them, and then took a rock and mashed them up until they turned into a paste, this was the 100% chocolate. After seeing this, we went back down and were given the chance to buy the chocolate that they make, and then we left for our long journey ahead of us, Paradise.

Chris and the GirlPhoto By King Sun

We all got on a boat, and we arrived to an island, Isla Colon. This island is one of many, and all are apart of the national marine park. The waters were gorgeous blues, the houses were all bright beautiful colors. Isla Colon was the only island that cars are allowed on, and was the only one with hotel and houses. Overall, this hotel and Island truly is Paradise

Story By Gloria Feuer

maple sun 2Photo By Maple Sun


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