Rainforest Discovery

Today was our first full day in Gamboa, an eerie little town.gloria3 Photo By Gloria Feuer

We all left at 7 in the morning to go on a four hour hike through the rainforest. Our tour guide, Nico, a trained, ecologist, showed us the environment and quirks of the rainforest, and later explained the human/tourism impact on the environment. The development of the country is moving away from the ecology of Panama and the preservation of endangered plants and animals, and moving towards urbanization and mass construction.

Lindsay rainforest  Photo by Lindsay Lerner

On the hike we saw howler monkeys, ant eaters, various rare birds, butterflies, spiders, huge ants, lizards, and snakes. We also visited the observation tower, which is made from recycled materials and carried on by people to not harm the delicate balance in that area. We were all exhausted and sweaty and luckily we didn’t have to walk four hours back.

View from tower Photo By Konstantin Strobel

Once we arrived back in the field station and had lunch, we went to town and interviewed the locals about what it means to be Panamanian and the changes in their country, culturally, environmentally, and politically. We all took tons of photos/videos and had a long, but exciting day.

Story By Kendall Scala

A ride down The Canal


Today we went for a boat ride through the Panama Canal.  We had many opportunities to take pictures of the Canal itself, all the work being done around it, the architecture (such as the Centennial Bridge) and many boats.  Whenever it seemed too hot or I had nothing to photograph I’d do downstairs to eat, drink, and play cards with my friends.


After the boat ride we visited a Smithsonian research center, which was originally used as a defense for the region of the Canal.  There we had a chance to see big birds, sloths, iguanas, fish, and starfish.


Video by Aaron Kresberg

By Caio Garcia

IMG_0550 copy

Photo By Caio Garcia

What about Bob?

First day of Panama trip, as a student, I did not take my obligations seriously. Last night I played basketball with friends and it caused me to become too excited and I left my suitcase in CWB!!!

I realized it at 3 am in the morning, and nobody was in the CWB – not even security. My only choice was to leave my stuff in CWB and continue on with the group. Fortunately, I prepared some extra clothes at home so I could “survive” the first night in Panama with a comfortable shower!! When we arrived at the Metro Hotel, we raised twelve students to help me to buy some new clothes.

Whatever. The first day was a nice day where we all tasted the exotic style of Panama and we were full of enthusiasm!! We are expecting more tomorrow!


You can check out Bob’s story in the video below!
¿Y Que de Bob?

First Impressions

Panama City

Panama City

The students arrived in Panama and were greeted by a beautiful warm breeze. Most are excited for the experiences to come while others are a bit apprehensive. All are in good spirits, including Bob who managed to get his bag locked in the CWB and had to purchase new clothes upon arrival. Please check for Bob’s post and video.

The Old City

The Old City

“Damn warm, its better than East Hampton.” BK


“Today was a good day.” Sam P. (Said in an accent that does not come across on the blog, but is funny in person)


“Today I got into a fight with a soda machine…and lost.” Jack B

“I’m going to have great calves by the end of this trip.” Lindsay