My Project

Power of Light

Student: Lily Riri Kamata
Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein
Domains: Visual Art
Faculty Grader: Ned Smyth

Documentation of Product

longDSC_0044 2

Exhibition & Presentation Summary

Light has the power to create an atmosphere that pulls people into their own individual worlds.  By combining light and sculpture into one piece of art, my desire was to create unique chandeliers with great skill. These chandeliers will combine innovative design to produce sculptural and practical lighting that will change people’s experience of the spaces they inhabit.  I also wanted to create chandeliers that would amaze people and make them sigh.  I was hoping that people will experience something positive and exciting from these sculptural lights and be drawn into their own imaginative and perhaps unconscious worlds. Chandelier lights also have the capability to deeply move people by creating a magical atmosphere.

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