Brazil’s experience by Gabriel Rissman(RSTA player)

Today was a very interesting day as we explored the depths of Sao Paulo. We left our hotel at 830 and drove two hours to a tennis club also in Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and each day we have been visiting new clubs in this amazing city. In my opinion, this was the best club because of the amazing qualities of the players and the quality of the facility were spot on. For this club, all the courts were clay, however in the clubs we have been to in the past, the majority was also clay courts with the exception of some being hard. We also saw one of our fellow RSTA members, Gabriel, at the mall by the tennis club we were visiting today. Overall, the tennis has been fantastic and very helpful because we are playing with very advanced juniors from all around the world, especially in the club we went to today. This is improving our game every second as well as the amazing coaches. Besides the tennis, our group explored the Brazlian cultural ways of life and we ate a variety of many delicious foods. Another remarkable thing about Brazil so far is the pool we have on the top floor of our hotel which really makes its day view because of its spontaneous view. It’s nothing like cooling off in a nice pool after a long day of sweaty tennis! Furthermore, I can not wait to spend two more weeks in Brazil and continue to learn more, see more places in Sao Paulo and continue to experience the Brazilian way of life!

By Gabriel Rissman