RSTA Brazil by Kian Kermani

Brazil is one of the most astonishing places I have ever traveled to. In the first week that we stayed in São Paulo we played tennis and we worked out in great locations with some of the best fitness coaches you will ever meet. The red clay of Brazil is very different from the hard courts in New York and even different from the red clay at home in Germany. Every day we went to a different club to play with new kids. But we did not only do sport. We went to some really nice restaurants where we tried some food that you can’t get anywhere else in the world.
My two favorite things are acai which is a sort of ice cream made from a Brazilian fruit. It does not only taste good but it is also very healthy. My probably new favorite drink is Guanara, a soda also made out of a Brazilian food. The weather here is amazing. It doesn’t get any colder than 70 degrees and even if it rains it is more like a warm shower. At night though we faced some serious problems because it was just to hot.
I have never travelled with so many friends and so far in to about half of the trip it was a great experience and maybe one of the best journeys I have ever made. With the athletic but also the cultural part. Thank you vinicius, Pedro and Mauricio .IMG_0687