RSTA by Jonas Erdmann

“We already spent two weeks in Brazil now and I enjoyed every single day a lot. Last week, we went to a beautiful place in the mountains outside of Sao Paulo, to test ourselves with older players from the local Tennis Academy. We also got to see their boarding houses. It was really interesting to see, how different they are to our house in East Hampton and everyone of us learned to appreciate our great conditions at Ross. We left the mountains on Thursday night and came back to our hotel in the city of Sao Paulo, to get ready for a Beach Tennis Tournament on Saturday. None of us had ever played this different kind of tennis before and we had just one day to practice, so we started at the tournament as complete rookies. Nonetheless, we were more than competitive to the other teams and had a lot of fun.

Because of the heavy rain, which started on Saturday and continued to Sunday, we weren’t able to play tennis. For this time, we went to a mall, where we had a great Bowling match with our coaches. Hopefully, it will stop raining soon, but I am sure that we will have great five more days in this awesome country anyway.”
Here are some pictures from the events Jonas mentioned.
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