RSTA in Brazil by Audrix Arce

Brazil is country that holds many great diversities and cultures. It is home to a number of people from around the world. That’s what makes it so different from all the other countries. When I first arrived in Brazil it was like stepping onto a new playing field. It was completely different from the Hamptons with each place both having its pros and cons. The people in Brazil are friendly and were very welcoming towards us. Throughout the trip we have seen how lucky we are at Ross living in such luxurious conditions. As we look around we see people on the streets begging for money and all we can do is be thankful for what we have. It is not right to complain for your wants while others beg for their needs.

Last week we visited a number of tennis clubs and we played some great tennis under the sun. Each place we played at was very much different from the last. We have also played in a beach tennis tournament near Sao Paulo. Even though we did not win we left with smiles on our face. My favorite food style here in Brazil is probably churrasco, Vinicius took as to a great restaurant (churrascaria) which is a all you can eat place. As for dessert, the brigadeiro chocolate commonly found in many supermarkets. Travelling with friends into a foreign country is an experience that is not given to many. These opportunities will not only help us in our future but it will also make us better people.

I would like to thank the people who organized this trip: Vinicius Carmo, Pedro Davisson and Mauricio Gattuso. You guys have made this experience an unforgettable one.

Audrix Arce

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