Day 10 Gallery Challenge

Today we cleaned the rooms we were using in the HS building and moved next to Mr. Mulhern’s room, so we could be closer to the saws.  Students were then given their challenge and restrictions for their gallery piece.  They quickly realized that this is going to be different then their previous designs because horizontal space has been restricted and they will need to work vertically.

Day 10 1

Day 10 2

Day 10 3


We also had an ice cream party to celebrate field academy.  Thank you, Ross School Cafe!!

Day 8 Completion of Soy Butter and Jelly

Today is Wednesday, March 4th. The task for the Rube Goldberg machine groups is to make a sandwich. To be specific, the groups need to put peanut butter and jam on a piece of bread first, then put another piece of bread on the whole thing.

Readying the slinky release

Readying the slinky release

Day 8 2Day 8 3Day 8 4

Purple Team’s completed sandwich

The purple team started with the idea of sliding the first piece of bread under two knives covered with soy butter and with jelly.  A few different ideas were started and then discarded when they didn’t worked the way the team hoped, but after 34 trials the purple team succeeded in creating a sandwich.

Blue Team’s completed sandwich

The blue team made a really cool design about how to pour the peanut butter and jam. They made a electronic staff which could shake the small cups which contained the peanut butter and jam and let it pour down to a piece of bread. It was also able to activate the ball to fall through the pipes. After hit the button of the gun, the car released by the gun. The car ran down from the edge and take the restraint of slinky and the fell together. The slinky hit the dominoes, which activated the ball, and the ball hit another group of dominoes again. The last domino hit the bread and let it fall down, just on the piece which poured peanut butter and jam already on it.

Both teams successfully completed the task of making a soy butter and jelly sandwich.  The purple team completed it in less time while the blue team completed it in less trials.

The day was completed by every student making a short presentation on a company big or small, local or global that are making an effort to become more environmentally friendly.

Day 7 Soy butter and Jelly

In the morning, we discussed yesterday homework, the meaning of repurpose, the definition of reclaim, and how do these two words related with sustainability and our field academy project. Moreover, we learned about sustainable engineering and several engineer companies. After the lesson, we had two hours for discuss our plan for construction and to start building energy transfers.

At forth period, we had wellness, girls played volleyball and basketball, and boys played soccer. Then, we had lunch and one period open gym.

In the afternoon, we were facing a big challenge, which was to make a soy butter jelly sandwich and it needed to use 15 or more steps. The blue groups did not do any trail yet. The purple group finished the structure and did various trails; however, they did not successfully get the piece of bread to slide down and cover on another piece of bread. We need continue on this task tomorrow.

By Jenny

To Manny aesthetically pleasing support structures are important.

To Manny aesthetically pleasing support structures are important.

Into the problem solving stage.  The soy butter is not coming out of the bottle.

Into the problem solving stage. The soy butter is not coming out of the bottle.

Day 7 3Day 7 4Day 7 5

Day 6 Popcorn

Today we had a delayed start thanks to the snow.  The blue team’s unfinished project from Friday was still set up in our classroom, so instead of having a lesson we jumped right into projects.  The blue team showed a great deal of patience as well as perseverance as they pushed on with their task on putting a bag of popcorn in the microwave, shutting the door, and turning it on.  They successfully completed the task at 3:30 in the afternoon and everyone was delighted to finally eat popcorn.

The purple team started off the day making confetti for a task later this week and learned how to make stick bombs that can be used to start a chain reaction in a later task.  The purple team showed less patience than the blue team as they were easily frustrated by slipping craft sticks, but after realizing that they are easier to make when working with a partner they enjoyed making strings of sticks explode.

Day 6 1Day 6 4

This afternoon the purple team started designing the construction for Day 7’s task which is to make a soy butter and jelly sandwich.

Day 6 3Day 6 2


We have been keeping journals and every night our task has been to write about what we learned through our constructions.  Today our homework is to define reclaim and repurpose and write about how these ideas are using in our Field Academy projects.

Day 5 Lab/Stump the Chump

We started the day in Ms. Borsack’s science lab.  We completed three lab on Newton’s first two laws of motion.  Our first lab we stacked four washers, then we hit the stack with different amounts of washers.  We saw that the amount we threw at the stack was the same amount that moved.

Our second lab we had a penny on top of a paper, which was on top of a test tub.  We tried to pull the paper, but leave the penny on top of the test tub.  Maria got it on the first try.  Athanasios decided to flick the paper instead of pull.  In the third lab we measured how far cars with different masses travel to see how mass and acceleration are connected.

Day 5 lab 1Day 5 Lab 2Day 5 Lab 3


The purple team worked on taking a twist top off a bottle with at least seven steps.  The blue team worked on putting popcorn in a microwave, closing the door, and finally turning on the microwave.  The purple team successful removed the lid from a bottle, but the blue teams task was a bit trickier and will be completed on Monday.

By Dorsa

The blue team hard at work.

Blue team popcorn 1Blue team popcorn 2