Day 5 Lab/Stump the Chump

We started the day in Ms. Borsack’s science lab.  We completed three lab on Newton’s first two laws of motion.  Our first lab we stacked four washers, then we hit the stack with different amounts of washers.  We saw that the amount we threw at the stack was the same amount that moved.

Our second lab we had a penny on top of a paper, which was on top of a test tub.  We tried to pull the paper, but leave the penny on top of the test tub.  Maria got it on the first try.  Athanasios decided to flick the paper instead of pull.  In the third lab we measured how far cars with different masses travel to see how mass and acceleration are connected.

Day 5 lab 1Day 5 Lab 2Day 5 Lab 3


The purple team worked on taking a twist top off a bottle with at least seven steps.  The blue team worked on putting popcorn in a microwave, closing the door, and finally turning on the microwave.  The purple team successful removed the lid from a bottle, but the blue teams task was a bit trickier and will be completed on Monday.

By Dorsa

The blue team hard at work.

Blue team popcorn 1Blue team popcorn 2

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