Day 6 Popcorn

Today we had a delayed start thanks to the snow.  The blue team’s unfinished project from Friday was still set up in our classroom, so instead of having a lesson we jumped right into projects.  The blue team showed a great deal of patience as well as perseverance as they pushed on with their task on putting a bag of popcorn in the microwave, shutting the door, and turning it on.  They successfully completed the task at 3:30 in the afternoon and everyone was delighted to finally eat popcorn.

The purple team started off the day making confetti for a task later this week and learned how to make stick bombs that can be used to start a chain reaction in a later task.  The purple team showed less patience than the blue team as they were easily frustrated by slipping craft sticks, but after realizing that they are easier to make when working with a partner they enjoyed making strings of sticks explode.

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This afternoon the purple team started designing the construction for Day 7’s task which is to make a soy butter and jelly sandwich.

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We have been keeping journals and every night our task has been to write about what we learned through our constructions.  Today our homework is to define reclaim and repurpose and write about how these ideas are using in our Field Academy projects.