Day 8 Completion of Soy Butter and Jelly

Today is Wednesday, March 4th. The task for the Rube Goldberg machine groups is to make a sandwich. To be specific, the groups need to put peanut butter and jam on a piece of bread first, then put another piece of bread on the whole thing.

Readying the slinky release

Readying the slinky release

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Purple Team’s completed sandwich

The purple team started with the idea of sliding the first piece of bread under two knives covered with soy butter and with jelly.  A few different ideas were started and then discarded when they didn’t worked the way the team hoped, but after 34 trials the purple team succeeded in creating a sandwich.

Blue Team’s completed sandwich

The blue team made a really cool design about how to pour the peanut butter and jam. They made a electronic staff which could shake the small cups which contained the peanut butter and jam and let it pour down to a piece of bread. It was also able to activate the ball to fall through the pipes. After hit the button of the gun, the car released by the gun. The car ran down from the edge and take the restraint of slinky and the fell together. The slinky hit the dominoes, which activated the ball, and the ball hit another group of dominoes again. The last domino hit the bread and let it fall down, just on the piece which poured peanut butter and jam already on it.

Both teams successfully completed the task of making a soy butter and jelly sandwich.  The purple team completed it in less time while the blue team completed it in less trials.

The day was completed by every student making a short presentation on a company big or small, local or global that are making an effort to become more environmentally friendly.