My Project


Transition Into the Triathlon World

Student: Selena Garcia-Torres
Mentor: Heather D’Agostino
Domains: Wellness, Science
Faculty Grader: Jessica Pollina

Documentation of Product

Exhibition & Presentation Summary


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For my senior project I wanted to get a hands on experience in the realm of Triathlon. It is a sport that is not as popular as football or baseball, but it takes a huge amount of work to become a professional in the field of triathlon. Instead of looking at it from one point of view I decided to look at it from multiple angles. Having a passion for fitness, I started the project off with some basic cardio/weight training. I then followed that with sports psychology course at Brown University, which gave me insight to how an athlete should think when it comes to competing and training. I ended up joining the school’s Cross Country team to enhance my running and to collect data on how my running was compared to last summer. I then completed two mini i-Tri triathlons to get a feel for what longer distance races would be like. By late summer I had completed a relay sprint triathlon with a wonderful group of experienced triathlete women. With all of that under my belt, I completed my first individual sprint triathlon race. I then decided to look at how the technology of the sport evolved. I decided to write a paper on my findings and show my data from this year compared to last year to see how my running techniques differed. I hope this project will get people to follow their passions and reach for a goal because this project has taken me on a journey that I will truly never forget.

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