Day 3: Almsgiving in Dambulla

Today was a very important day for us and for the local people, because today we gave Alms to monks. Because it was Sunday, we all had to wear white clothing to the temple because it is the Buddhist tradition. In the morning,  everyone helped the local people cook, and after we brought the food to the temple, we listened to monks talk about Buddhist philosophy, and we took pictures with local school children. They are not like us, because every Sunday, they have to go to the temple and study for 3-4 hours. After the monks ate the food we cooked, we came back home and ate our lunch. Maybe because we cooked it, it was really delicious!  Some of us even tried to eat with our hands like Sri Lankans. Our guide also told us about wedding customs here. In the afternoon we went back to the hotel for a rest. We then had a delicious dinner all together. (Xiaoqi [Maple] Sun & Yuting [Katerina] Ding)



Preparing lunch for the monks.


Heating the fire.



A blessing of good merit for our next lives from the monks.



Homemade lunch – the best!