Day 5: Sigiriya & Matale Spice Gardens

Today we woke up early to pack our bags and head to Kandy, which is a town two hours from Dambulla. We stopped at Sirigiya, which is the eighth wonder of the world. Sirigiya is a rock named after it’s lion shape. It was the location of a palace for one of the kings of Sri Lanka who built his house on top of this massive rock to seek protection from his brother who was trying to kill him to get revenge for killing their father. It was 1,200 stairs to the top, but worth every step. The view was lush green trees and tall mountains against a bright blue sky. After we got down, our legs were shaking and we were ready to head to lunch. On the road to Kandy we stopped for lunch and across the street was a spice garden where we saw vanilla beans, pineapples, turmeric, cinnamon, among other things being grown. We were guided by a local doctor who told us how these were used as natural remedies. After grabbing our spices we headed back to our hotel and relaxed.

Karen Klee and Denise Garcia