Day 6: Buddhism and Culture in Kandy

Today was an amazing day! We left the hotel at 9:30 and Kandy looked so pretty! First, we went to a temple. There, we sat in two separate lines and waited for a monk to tell us about Buddhism and meditation. We waited quietly for about 10 minutes. After the monk showed up, the sermon began. He asked us a question at the beginning, “Who am I”. From this question, he gave us a brief idea about Buddhism. There was one significant thought, which is Buddha believes the world is not divided by countries. Instead, the world is in a person’s mind. We also learned that there are five precepts: no killing, stealing, improper sexual activities, lies, or drugs and alcohol. In the end, we did meditation all together. During the meditation, the monk taught and guided us by asking us to repeat the words he said. When we opened our eyes after one minute, we felt different. Finally, each of us got a string as a blessing.

Then we went to a store that sold saris and sarongs. Some of us tried the clothes and they looked gorgeous! Later, we went to buy souvenirs. When it was almost evening, it started raining and we went to the Temple of the Tooth Relic. As other temples, we had to take off our shoes in order to walk into the temple. We brought water blossoms and jasmine and placed them in front of a gate. Because it was the offering time, there were too many people and it was extremely crowed inside. However, there was still a solemn atmosphere. We also saw the Pansiya Panasjathakaya, which is the oldest ever ola leaf book with 1,600 pages written during the kurunagala period. The temple looked colorful with the light in the night.

We not only saw beautiful sights, but also learned about Buddhism today. Today was tiring, but we had lots of fun!

Amy Guo and Selina Qiu


Learning about Buddhism.



An offering for the temple.



Temple of the Tooth Relic