(Day 5) A unique experience – A lesson on the go

This morning we left Taiwan and head south to Sun-moon lake, known for its breath-taking natural beauty. We took our Mandarin lesson to go and spent an hour reviewing the past-tense in Chinese and how to construct a diary in Mandarin. Students were focused and actively participated in language activities.

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After a three-hour drive on the twists and turns along Taiwan’s mountain roads, we finally arrived in Sun-moon lake national scenic area. Sun-moon lake is like a piece of beautiful jade surrounded by lush forests. All of us were amazed by the beautiful scenery bestowed by nature. By the sun-moon lake, we also had an exciting experience of taking the cable car, where we had a chance to appreciate the lake from above.

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In the afternoon, we went to a buddhist temple near the Sun-moon lake, which is called Xuanzang Temple. Xuanzang is a well-knowleged monk who truly existed in Tang Dynasty. He traveled 25000km to India by feet and brought original Buddhist texts to China. After paying respect to the buddha status in the temple, we had a discussion on the difference between Taoist temple we visited two days ago and this Buddhist temple as well as the influence of the two religions on Chinese culture.

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