A Visit to the Tsou Tribe

Today, the students had the rare opportunity to witness an authentic aboriginal tribe in the hills of Ali Mountain. The tribe is called the Tsou Tribe, and is the only aboriginal tribe to reside in the 阿里山 area. Students first witnessed a traditional hunting dance, and then took a tour around the cultural village, interacting with local tribe members, as well as traditional Tsou architecture and tools.

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Afterwards, we experienced an authentic tea ceremony, during which students were educated about the origins, processes, and idiosyncrasies between Oolong and black Alishan tea.

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As an educational counterpart to these two cultural experiences, students were asked to reflect upon the idea of cultural sustainability. Upon deeper reflection, students delved into a deep discussion about the value of tourism and whether or not it contributes to the sustainability of aboriginal cultures.

All in all, it was a very eye-opening and introspective day for our students!

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  1. The tea fields look beautiful. Wonderful to see the snippets of news. Thanks!

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