Analysis of a Muay Thai Photo

This was one of my favorite photos I have taken so far on this trip. Wes and I loved how it looked like a still from a 1990’s “woman trains in martial arts to avenge her family” film. We asked Ella is she would be willing to write a fictional backstory to go along with it and she was excited to do so! Below is her story. Enjoy!

Muay Thai Day1 9

On the day of January 6th, 2005, I swore to myself that I would get my revenge. That day the Man in Blue came and took my parents. I knew of the Man in Blue, but all I knew was that he was bad. Supposedly we were safe, but someone who was being held captive snitched on us in return for his freedom. Since this horrible day, I have been plotting my revenge. My father was an important businessman who had many connections all over the world, not all of them were good people.

I had a nanny from Thailand while I was growing, but since that day, secrets have been unraveling. I learned that he was much more then a nanny. He was my protector. He was one of the best Muay Thai kick boxers there ever was. To get kicked by him was like getting rammed by a bull that was a thousand pounds. Ever since the day of my parents’ disappearance, I have been living and training with him. All in preparation for the day I would get my revenge. This photo captures the last day of my training and the last day I would see my nanny, protector, and trainer. He was wise and I felt as if he knew everything.

All these years, the Man in Blue was unaware my parents had a child. I watched him take my parents from under the bed, as I shivered with fear. Since then, I have been training in Muay Thai in secret at a rural village on the outskirts of Kuraburi. All in preparation for the day I would be ready to take revenge.

This morning, at 5am, an address was slipped under my door. Today I was not to appear to training, but to the Man in Blue. Mid day, I waited in an alleyway outside of a secluded bar, while the “Man” meet to discus business.

As the sun set, the man who took my parents on that fateful night emerged. I swiftly got an arm around the unpleasantly damp backside of his neck and held him tight. I rammed my knee with the strength of a bull into his torso. Soundless from the tight grip I help around his neck, he squirmed as his final moment of defeat came upon him.

I was gone instantly and the night remained still, as the crickets’ chirped goodbyes.


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  1. Ella Gatfield you are as tough a fighter in life as you are in fiction! I’m glad you’re character crafted a severe punishment for the ‘Man in Blue’ and look forward to her next adventure as a modern day kick boxing avenger. I’m thrilled to read about the adventures you are all truly experiencing in Thailand and can see from the pictures that this is unusual & ‘out of the box ‘ adventure for each and every one of you!

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