Cheow Lan Lake – Day 1 3/6/15

The next stop on our adventure is Cheow Lan Lake. The lake is manmade and is a reservoir for a hydroelectric plant. The people who used to live in the villages that are now flooded, are the people who own and run the floating bungalows. The Lake is part of a larger national park system, called Khao Sok National Park. Thailand actually supports 77 separate national parks, all within a country the size of Wyoming. In comparison, the United States only has 59 national parks.

I may have gone a bit trigger-happy with the camera in regards to the scenery. It has been unbelievably gorgeous. Lindsey described the park as like the setting from the movie Jurassic Park and it is very true! The lake looks like dinosaurs should inhabit it. Instead, there are gibbons, Indian bison, elephants, and many more. On our evening safari, we were lucky enough to see Indian bison twice. The Indian bison are the number one most endangered animal in Thailand.

Over all, the lake is beautiful and the water is the perfect temperature.

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. – Mother Teresa

2 thoughts on “Cheow Lan Lake – Day 1 3/6/15

  1. The boat ride to the bungalows was by far one of the prettiest things that I have ever seen. The water was crystal clear and the limestone mountains were reflected in the lake. Upon arrival, the bungalows were nothing like I expected them to be. “Rustic” is an adjective that I would use to best describe them. They were composed entirely of bamboo and driftwood, and we slept 5 to a room. This being said, we spent very limited time in the rooms and more time doing activities such as hiking the trails of the beautiful jungle here and swimming in the lake. The landscape is incredibly serene and reminds me almost of Lake Powell in Arizona, mimicking the clear, flat water and cliffs.

  2. The boat ride was really amazing. The view is one of the prettiest things i have ever seen. It was really cool to see. The lake was very fun to swim. The sleeping part was uncomfortable but it was really fun and an amazing experience.

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