Muay Thai – Day 3 3/4/15

Our last day with our friends at Ponsuriya. This has truly been an amazing experience for us from Ross. The students have really picked up a lot of new skills and some have even expressed interest in continuing with the sport when we get home.

We started the session off with drills again and then got right into the sparing. It was really impressive to watch how much the students had picked up over the course of only three days.

The first to be paired up in the ring, were Sarah and Shirley. They were both a bit shy to engage at first, but they did get a few shots in.


Then, it was Zach’s turn to take on the gym’s owner and head instructor. After a few instructional rounds, Jason stepped in the ring to oppose Zach. That was a great sparing match! Both of the guys have really taken to the sport and picked up many new skills while here.

Next, was Katie and Shirley. Shirley got over her initial shyness and was a real wild card! She and Katie did really well! They both threw a few solid combinations and, while intense while in the ring, definitely enjoyed themselves.


Next up in the sparing ring were Abby and Rachel. This match had a lot of potential, but it turned into a bit of a giggle-fest. The blows they did land were really good! I would love to watch these two spar when they are serious about it. I think it would be a really good match.


Anil and Karsten were up next. They put up a solid showing. There is definitely a lot of potential in both of them.



Michael has been showing his boxing skills as well. It might not be Muay Thai, but he has been doing some solid drills.


The next team in the ring was Jason and Ray Jack. We have all been very impressed with how well Ray Jack has picked up the Muay Thai. He quietly watches, and then puts what he has learned into practice beautifully.

After Ray Jack, Jason thought it was a good idea to challenge the gym’s top student. While he held his own and was very impressive, Jason is going to be very sore tomorrow!

We ended the afternoon with Anil and Zach.


After the sparing, we were taught Ponsuriya’s Wai Khru Ram Muay. This is a type of dance Muay Thai fighters do before fights to honor their ancestors, trainers, and stadium. It was beautiful and hopefully I can get these videos uploaded. Also, please forgive the 20-30 second clips. I’m still getting used to this camera and am not sure what happened here.

We ended the day with a plethora of group photos. The students were especially keen to get their picture taken with the Stadium’s top fighter. He didn’t seem to mind at all.

Also, in addition to the planned donation to Ponsuriya the students raised additional funds among themselves. Ponsuriya is now able to purchase all brand new equipment and will be able to train more safely! I am extremely proud of our students and what they did for our new friends.

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met. – William Butler Yeats


4 thoughts on “Muay Thai – Day 3 3/4/15

  1. Watching, and then trying Muay Thai gave me an appreciation for the sport that I had not previously had. It required the use of specific muscles that I was not used to exercising, and a series of kicks that were driven from the power of twisting our hips. Watching the trainers fight was captivating, and I was surprised by the talent of the young kids who lived in the village. It is incredible how passionate the locals are about this activity, and their intensity was spread to us, as most of us became engrossed in improving our Muay Thai skills.

  2. This Muay Thai experience was unbelievable. Before this trip I had never heard of Muay Thai. When Wes showed us a video of Muay Thai it reminded me of the UFC, because not many fighting sports have the combination of both punching, kicking, and grappling. Turns out that they are kind of similar, but that UFC takes moves from Muay Thai and puts it into there own type of fighting. We also learned and experienced the amount of practice that the Muay Thai fighters do on a daily basis. They start by practicing there kicks, punches, knees, and elbows. Then they have to run about 30 laps. We only got to do six to seven laps. Then they do push-ups, and sit-ups. Finally they spare a little and work on there technique. Overall Muay Thai as an amazing experience.

  3. Muay Thai was really exciting! I have had some training in jujitsu prior to traveling to Thailand but after learning some Muay Thai it was evident that the two are very different. Learning how to punch and kick in the Muay Thai style was amazing. After three days of training we were able to spare with each other. I really enjoyed sparring with Jason, he was very agile and fast. I also thought it was really interesting how young the kids start learning Muay Thai and how some already have even have fought in professional fights. I am very grateful to our instructors and hope to continue learning Muay Thai back home.

  4. The act of Muay Thai was so fun and strenuous, definitely a good work out, and I was sore for a couple days after. This day was one of my favorites because I learned about Wai Khru, which was really interesting and is a pretty form of dance/ritual. I also really enjoyed watching our classmates spar in the ring, you could tell so many of them improved since the first day and it was empowering to realized that the training did increase my ability to punch and kick.

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