Ranong 3/5/15

Today, we had a day trip to Ranong and its hot springs to sooth our sore muscles from Muay Thai.

Our first stop in Ranong was to see the recreation of the palace that used to sit high on a hill in Ranong. The city has very strong Chinese ties, which can be seen in the architecture of the palace. When completed, it will be a museum dedicated to the tin mining industry in the area and other local events. The statue in front of the palace represents the traditional way of mining tin.

The next stop was the Ranong Lighthouse. The lighthouse was build for the King’s 80th birthday in 2007. Behind it is the Andaman Sea, and beyond that is Burma (Myanmar). The scenery was spectacular.

Everywhere we have gone, we have seen these three flags. The gold one is the King’s flag. The red, white, and blue one is the Thai flag. And the purple one is the Princess’ flag. We have also been seeing blue flags, which represent the Queen. The monarchy in Thailand is incredibly revered and respected.

Lunch was at a local seafood restaurant. Again, the food was delicious!


We made it to the hot springs in the afternoon. It was very pretty, but definitely commercialized. The pools were around 40C. This was a little hot for most us, but the water did feel very good once you got used to it. Jason and Karsten were the only two that got completely in the pools, although, John did sit in one. The hot water really helped Jason after his fight yesterday.

Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean. – Christopher Reeve

5 thoughts on “Ranong 3/5/15

  1. I like the hot spring because the natural water really helped me after 3 fights yesterday! By the way,the hot spring is not that hot for me

  2. I already noticed that the palace we visited was Chinese when i first saw it. It was very big and i liked the architectural design. I also liked where we headed next. The Ranong Lighthouse. From the top of the lighthouse we had a beautiful view to Myanmar. It was very cool.

  3. The seafood restaurant was really good. The seafood was very good. I also liked the lighthouse. The view was really cool. The palace was beautiful as well. The hot springs were not what i expected but it was a moment to relax.

  4. The restaurant that we went to served us some very delicious crab, fish, rice, and shrimp. I also enjoyed going to the lighthouse, and walking up the stairs. In the lighthouse we got to see Myanmar as well. The hot springs were also something that I had only experienced once before. This hot spring was very different compared to the one I went to before. All the pools of hot water were all about the temperature so you weren’t really able to adjust to the temperature. It would of been relaxing if I would actually of gone in the water, but it was way to hot. Just being there and talking was relaxing though.

  5. Visiting the Ranong Natural Hot Springs was different than I had expected. I had envisioned a place up in the mountains surrounded by jungle and natural pools of hot water. When we arrived to the hot springs they were not how I had imagined them. The hot springs were professionally developed pools in a gated concrete park. The park also was located directly on a main road in Ranong. Its not that I didn’t enjoy the park or that the park wasn’t clean or something along those lines because the park was well kept but, it was not what I would call “natural”. The pools were connected by metal pipes and concrete grates. Overall, the whole place had a very normal “touristy” feel to it as if it had been developed and built as a tourist attraction versus being a natural place of healing and relaxation.

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