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  1. Anxiously awaiting your return and all the stories you can tell us! It’s been so quiet here at Ross the last couple of weeks. Safe travels!

  2. The people of Thailand were some of the nicest i have ever come across. What amazed me the most was how happy they were living such rural and simple lives. I immediatley connected with these two young girls in a small village where we were practicing Muay Thai. They seemed to be around the age of 10, and seemed excited to meet an American. They asked to take a picture with me, and the smiles on their faces after i did was priceless. They then preceded to show me their phones and how they had set the photo and made it their screen savers. This overjoyed me, seeing that these young girls were so eager to spend time with me, bonding and playing. I miss these girls tremendously, and wish i knew where they lived so i could send them a gift.

  3. The elephant rides were simply majestic. I can’t even put into words how wonderful it was to relax and ride on the backs of the gentle creatures. I even got the pleasure of sitting on the front of the elephant as it carried me through the breathtakingly beautiful jungle. I then showered a baby elephant that was around 4 years old, so precious and excited to be getting attention from humans. Riding an elephant was a thrilling experience for me. For some reason, elephants, although huge, represent a certain level of kindness and gentleness, difficult to understand unless having had the experience of actually interacting with one.

  4. The Lake houses were all so beautiful and solemn. Our bungalows looked over a sparkling body of water and exquisite mountains, without a cloud in the sky or any case of gloomy weather. One day when we had free time, i took a kayak out and distanced myself from the other group members, to simply relax and feel the warm sun on my body, while i swam and felt the fish gliding through my toes. In that moment, it dawned off me that i was in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The act of swimming in a lake without anyone around and simply enjoying the peacefulness of solitude was something i hadn’t experienced in awhile. Not everyone can say they had the pleasure of lying on the water with a colorful rain forest surrounding, hearing the sounds of the many animals rummage through the trees. It is an opportunity of a lifetime, and i was forever grateful i got to have that experience.

  5. What was so amazing to me about Thailand was the level of kindness of the people. This was the only place in the word where every single person i came across approached me with a wide smile. When i walked through the market, i was not hustled or pestered into buying some material item, but instead given a warm smile and greeted with a “hello,” in either thai, or english. In the Muay Thai village, the cats surrounding resulted in my having an unpleasant cold, given the fact that i am pretty allergic to the animal. After a few minutes of sniffling, one of the young mothers of the little children handed me a box of tissues. This warmed my heart, because i saw someone who didn’t have many things offer me something that to her, was probably a necessity and maybe even a rarity. I didn’t know if tissues were something that were difficult to acquire, and knowing that she was willing to offer me some made my smile interminably. It truly reminded me of the good in the world and the people that exist, restoring my faith in humanity.

  6. Coming home felt a little bit weird to me, seeing flat screen TV’s and other technology. I questioned why I even owned these devices knowing that I do not really need any of them. Coming home I was excited to tell stories and finally be back with my family and other friends.

  7. This was my absolute favorite part of our wonderful trip. Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to ride an elephant and I’m so grateful that we had this opportunity. (It’s been on my bucket list for ever.) The elephants were so adorable and completely friendly. Although, there were some times while riding on the neck of our elephant when I was almost positive I would fall off, the Mahoots assured me that they do this all the time which made me feel a lot better. One of my favorite parts of this activity was washing the baby elephant. She/he was so happy to be hosed off and kept swaying from side to side.

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