Khoa Sok National Park and Our Jungle House – Day 1 3/8/15

Today we transferred from the lake to our tree houses in the jungle. We will be staying at Our Jungle House for the last two nights of our adventure.

The first leg of our journey to Our Jungle House was a long tail boat ride back to the docks. It was about an hour long and we were able to stop and see the three islands that are the symbol of Cheow Lan Lake. Like all of the other landscapes here in Thailand, the islands were beautiful!

We eventually made it to Our Jungle House, and it is absolutely beautiful!

We also went on a great canoe ride and were able to enjoy a delicious drink out of bamboo cups. Luckily, we get to bring the cups home with us!

I also want to use this post to introduce the parents reading this blog to the chaperones who have been taking care of your children the last two weeks.

First up is Wes Howard. Wes joined Ross last year as an Associate and was rehired this year as a full time teacher. He currently teaches reading and writing in the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) department. He was the JV Boys Basketball coach this year and will be Ross’ Head Boys Varsity Basketball coach next year. Wes earned his bachelor’s degree from Notre Dame University. He is also our fearless leader on this trip!


John Della-Pietra is a new employee at the Ross School. He teaches Mandarin and is a part of the ESOL department. He came to Ross after earning his bachelors degree at the Open University of Hong Kong, while also teaching ESOL. Before Hong Kong, John spent 6 years in the United States Navy.


And I am Jessica Obiedzinski. I am also new to Ross this year. I am the school’s Athletic Trainer and work predominately with the sports teams making sure everyone is healthy. My training is in recognition and management of athletic injuries. I also teach in the Wellness department. I graduated from Hofstra University and will be completing my master’s degree from the University of Texas – Pan American this summer.


I hope your children have enjoyed spending the last two weeks with us as much as we have enjoyed spending the time with them!

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. – Benjamin Franklin

3 thoughts on “Khoa Sok National Park and Our Jungle House – Day 1 3/8/15

  1. I have spoken with Ella when possible and I can say that truly – she has had a life transforming experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for our children!

  2. Our Jungle House is a great and beautiful place. We have a lot of fun in the first day. The canoe ride was awesome. Some people started to splash water randomly and by the time we landed I was very wet. I also love the hot chocolate in the bamboo cup, I will definitely keep the cup and bring it back.

  3. The jungle houses were a lot of fun to stay in. Most of my free time I would sit on our porch and watch the monkey swinging on the trees or watching them climb up a giant lime stone mountain. Sadly no monkeys broke into our room for snacks or food which was upsetting. Over all I loved he jungle houses and I would go back there anytime.

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