Khoa Sok National Park and Our Jungle House – Day 2 3/9/15

Elephants! Today is Elephant Day. I know a lot of the students have been really excited for this.


When we got to the location, everyone was assigned an elephant and we went on an hour ride. Some students stayed in the seat provided, but some of the students chose to ride on the elephant’s neck. It was a surprisingly smooth ride up on the chair and riding on the elephant’s neck was similar to riding a horse.

The jungle we rode through was beautiful. The students had a blast! (As did the teachers!)




After the ride, we were able to feed and bathe the elephants. They were so much fun and playful!

If elephants didn’t exist, you couldn’t invent one. They belong to a small group of living things so unlikely they challenge credulity and common sense. – Lyall Watson

12 thoughts on “Khoa Sok National Park and Our Jungle House – Day 2 3/9/15

  1. Today we rode the elephants. I was so excited by this trip to elephant’s farm. While we were riding the elephant, I almost fell from it, but it was still amazing time and also I had lots of fun.

  2. Elephant is one of the biggest reason why I choose to go on thisThailand trip. It was incrediblly fun, riding an elephant has always be on my bucket list and I had never thought about making them come true. Had such a great time with them ! Elephants are my favorite animals, I would always remember today’s elephant ride❤️❤️❤️

  3. The elephant s were really fun and something that I would probably never get to do again. It was a fun time and I am glad that I got to experience with my friends

  4. The elephant day was the day all of us were most excited for. It was an incredible experience. I’ve been wanting to ride an elephant since forever and the trip leaders John,Wes and Jess made it happen. Thank you very much.

  5. This is my favorite part in our Thailand trip! We took a half day play with these amazing elephants! We had lots of fun! When we were riding these elephants, we were so excited! We also feed and washed them! I love them!

  6. Previous to riding elephants, we read and watched videos about how the elephants are mistreated in the absence of tourism. We were then able to go and see the effects of tourism first-hand. I have to admit that I was scared at first, but once I got used to the movement of the elephant and was able to see how obedient and intelligent they were, I was amazed by their grace and perceptiveness. We learned that tourism is vital to the survival of elephants within Thailand. Without tourists like us, there would be no profit for the mahouts and the elephants would become financial burdens. If there is income, the elephants can have an abundance of water, food, check ups and appropriate housing. This is one of many examples we saw on our trip of the importance of tourists and the money that they bring into Thailand.

  7. The elephant were on of the biggest reasons why I chose this Field Academy Trip. I always wanted to ride an elephant. This was definitely one of the most exciting parts of the trip. We also saw a video the day before showing us how elephants are harmed because of the lack of tourism.

  8. I was so excited when I first got on the elephant neck. I had a hard time balancing my legs and my body. However everything turned out to be great and I really enjoyed the ride. I love the part when everyone tried to feed the elephants and wash them.

  9. This is our last day in Thailand having activities. We finally get to do some activities with the elephants. I was very excited. Unlike most people, elephant is not my reason why I chose the field academy trip to Thailand but It was one of my favorites memory on this trip.

  10. The elephant experience was for all of us the best day. it was so much fun riding the elephants. Everyone enjoyed the elephants. It was my first time riding an elephant and it was really fun. I liked the little one the most.

  11. Spending time with the elephants was one of the things that I was most looking forward to on this trip. As soon as I got on the elephant I immediately thought I was going to fall off and hurt myself. But after a while I felt comfortable and enjoyed the ride. After riding the elephants we gave them a wash and feed them some food so I did not feel bad for them after carrying me around for a hour. It was an awesome experience and I have wanted to ride an elephant since I was little.

  12. The elephant experience was one I will never forget. I was excited throughout the trip for this moment, but I didn’t realize how special it would be until I actually did it. Elephants can connect with people unlike any animal I have ever known, and even in the brief period I spent with them I fell in love. Not only was the riding experience incredible, but getting to feed them and wash them after was equally as captivating! They are amazing animals and I definitely would like to spend more time with them in the future!

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