Day 8: Visiting the House of Virgin Mary, and Ephesus

This morning we went to house of the Virgin Mary. There is a sculpture of Mary in a small chapel, and we took a candle from there. We put the candle in a box of soil outside, that is in memory of loved ones. Then we saw three water faucets, if you drink the first one, you will become healthy, if you drink second one, you can become rich, and if you drink third one, you can become beautiful. There is another way to make your dreams come true- write your wish on a paper and tie it on the iron fence.

At afternoon, we went to the Ephesus archaeological site. When we arrived, it was raining, but it became sunny soon. The place is a small city, almost all things there are original and from the Greco Roman period. The first picture is a small coliseum. Our tour guide told us how two stone pillars can stay together. You can see the two holes and two lines in the second picture, that is the main reason. We also saw a statue of Nike there. Then we went to ancient public bathroom, the fourth picture is what the bathroom looks like. We went to saw the public toilet, our tour guide told us how the toilet worked. People can sit and chat. There is water underneath to clean oneself. How good was the system! (picture five). Then we saw the big library and a big theatre (pictures six and seven). I also have posted more pictures about some other things else in the Ephesus archaeological site.

After that, we went back our hotel. We had free time before dinner, my friends and I went to outside. I bought Apple tea and we hung out along the beach. I took some nice pictures of the sunshine and ocean. I made the apple tea during the dinner time, that is same as what we buy in the restaurant. That also much cheaper than the tea in restaurant.

Diana Kong